Our Spring Cleaning Checklist: Cleaning Tips For What Not To Clean
The interwebs are full of spring-cleaning tips and websites touting the best spring-cleaning checklist.  We at The Maids don’t believe an ultimate list exists; in fact, we believe the best spring cleaning tips we could share are ultimately ones everyone should use all year round. And this, dear friends, is why we don’t just blog in the spring.

Here’s the thing. The idea of spring cleaning is an old one. It harkens back to times when homes were heated with coal and wood, which caused a build-up of grime on all surfaces. Spring cleaning marked the end of the heating season, and the start of the scrubbing season, when every surface was scoured within an inch of its useable life.

Luckily, we modern folk don’t have a real need to such drastic measures.  Our climate control is relatively clean and so are our homes. For the most part. The truth of the matter is that spring cleaning isn’t really necessary if you’ve kept your house in working order the rest of the year. You are busy. You have a life outside of your baseboards. And if you don’t, make this year the year you do.

With that in mind, here’s a list you can actually feel good about, the spring cleaning checklist you don’t have to do. Go ahead and print this out and check them off one by one. Don’t you feel productive?

  1. Don’t wash your curtains. Unless they’ve been loved by a toddler with chocolate handprints, they are perfectly fine they way they are. Plus there’s no guarantee they would hang as nicely after they are laundered.
  2. Don’t wash your walls. No one will notice you’ve done this. Even you. If your walls are screaming for attention, put your time to good use and paint them a lovely color instead.
  3. Don’t steam clean your carpets. Carpets last longer when they are vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis. An overhaul once a year will probably do more harm than good.
  4. Don’t launder anything that hasn’t been used recently. You can extend the life of tablecloths and bed linens, by minimizing the amount of times they are laundered. If a freshening is necessary, a quick tumble in the dryer is all they will need. Reconsider the need for something that is used so infrequently that it needs to be laundered to be kept fresh.
  5. Don’t clean around things that should be donated or thrown away.  If dusting around knickknacks is such a pain that you avoid dusting all together, it’s time to re-evaluate the knickknacks. This goes for anything in a box, stack, pile or heap.

Here’s our #1 spring-cleaning tip: Don’t spring clean. A once-a-year, deep cleaning is not nearly as satisfying as living in a relatively clean home the rest of the year. Here’s a little known fact (from personal experience): a spring cleaning checklist that is exhausting to read will be approximately 43x more exhausting to actually do. Save yourself, spread it out and do it when you can.

However, if you are desperate for that crisp spring-clean feeling, there is absolutely no shame in hiring an award-winning team to give you a good firm baseline that you can maintain for months going forward.  Especially when that team can expertly get done in three hours what could take you days to do. We’re happy to give you the clean slate you need, anytime of the year.


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