House Cleaning Services in Colorado

It’s been another busy week at work, and you certainly don't want to spend your weekend catching up on housekeeping chores. Home to breathtaking scenery, towering mountain ranges, and the famous Pike's Peak, Colorado is an excellent place for exploration and adventure, so there's no shortage of things to do. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy some world-class skiing and other outdoor recreation Colorado offers? 

With so much to see and do, how can you find the time to enjoy it all? You call The Maids® for our cleaning services in Colorado; that's how! Because you work hard and shouldn’t have to spend your free time doing housework, you should call us at 1-800-843-6243 today and get your free home cleaning quote. Maybe it’s time for a deep cleaning, or you want to enjoy your weekends more often by using our regularly scheduled services. The Maids provides a variety of services to fit your busy schedule. Imagine what it would be like if your home was already clean and you were headed outdoors for some fresh air and exercise instead of dusting and scrubbing. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it! If you need even more reasons why you should consider our Colorado cleaning services, how about convenient locations and one of the best reputations in the business?

Best House Cleaning Service in Colorado

One-Time Cleaning Services

If a regular cleaning is too often for you, we also offer Colorado one-time cleaning services. We’re on your schedule and our cleaning teams are happy to clean to your home whenever suits you.

Spring Fall Cleaning Service

It’s a new season, so why not start it off right with a freshly cleaned home? The Maids is here to help! We offer the best fall and spring cleaning services in Colorado to get your home in perfect shape.

Same Day Cleaning Services

Quick! You have family staying over tonight and a friend popping by for dinner. If you don’t want to do all the last-minute cleaning while running a million other errands, call The Maids! With our 22-Step Cleaning Process, we can have your home swept and shined in no time.

Moving Cleaning Services

Moving out or moving in? The Maids will provide an immaculate shine. Cleaning Colorado homes is what we do and what we love, and we’re happy to get rid of years of grime from your abode. A fresh starts begins with a fresh house!

Special Cleaning Services

Need an extra hand around the house? The Maids is here with custom-cleaning services. Whether it’s cleaning the refrigerator, tile floors, or light fixtures, we’ll reach those impossible spots and handle all the dirty work.

Cleaning for Health

It is more important than ever to be mindful of living in a healthy home and taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. The Maids’ proprietary 22-Step Cleaning Process was made for this unprecedented time. We clean for health!

Recurring Cleaning Services

If you just don’t have enough hours in the day, we completely understand. Let The Maids keep your home neat as a pin with our Colorado recurring cleaning services so you can enjoy your free time.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about routine cleaning maintenance. And yet, keeping your business facility clean is a must for employees and customers. When you invest in our business cleaning services, The Maids in Colorado will take care of the dirty work so you can take care of business.

Holiday House Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning, decorating, and marathon cooking sessions are holiday traditions that can take up an entire holiday season. We can't help you decorate or cook up a delicious holiday meal, but The Maids in Colorado can beautifully clean your home so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Part of what makes apartment and condo living so attractive is the built-in services like maintenance and landscaping. But what about maid service? Take apartment living to a whole new level of convenience and let The Maids in Colorado get your home clean week after week!

Move-In Cleaning Services

At The Maids, we know that cleaning before moving in or moving out can be a big task, which is why we are more than ready to give your place a good scrub. All those years of built-up dust and grime will be gone so you can start fresh.

You deserve to walk into your home and feel refreshed. Call us at 1-800-843-6243 today for the best Colorado house cleaning services.

The Maids® of Colorado Referred for a Reason®

Why should you pick The Maids for your house cleaning in Colorado instead of another cleaning company? Because The Maids is among a select group of residential cleaning service companies focused exclusively on cleaning for health. Our proven cleaning strategy allows us to efficiently clean any size home and create a healthier indoor environment.

The Maids uses commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99 percent of pollen, dust, and other allergens. We damp-wipe after dusting to remove the dust from your Colorado home, and we disinfect many of the areas known to promote the spread of germs. We also clean many areas other cleaning companies miss, like the top of door frames, window sills, and even ceiling fans. And we have the cleaning muscle of Mr. Clean®.

One of the most trusted names in cleaning for decades, Mr.Clean endorses only one cleaning service in Colorado. Together, The Maids and Mr.Clean are changing how people think about house cleaning, one home at a time. Not only will your home be cleaner than ever before, but you and your family will also have a healthier atmosphere throughout your home. If you thought all house Colorado cleaning services were the same, then we want the chance to show you why 96 percent of customers would recommend The Maids to family and friends.

Stop dreading all those weekend chores and find more of the free time you deserve with The Maids and Mr.Clean. Across Colorado, we're ready to change the way you think about housework. Give us a call at 1-800-843-6243 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does The Maids offer house cleaning services in Colorado? 

    Recurring Cleaning: When you want to keep a clean home week after week, our weekly cleaning services in Colorado are the perfect fit. When you need help less often, you can choose bi-weekly or monthly maid service and still get the same guaranteed cleaning.

    One-Time Cleaning: If you need help getting your home's cleaning routine back on track or just need a well-deserved break, we've got you covered. The Maids will give your home a deep down clean and give you a fresh start.

    Special Cleaning Services: If you don't love tackling special cleaning projects like windows and carpets as much as we do, we get it. Contact your local franchise to see which of your least favorite chores they can take on for you.

    Spring and Fall Cleaning: Spring, fall, and any other season, The Maids is ready to make short work of your seasonal cleanups. Let our cleaning services in Colorado handle the dirty work while you enjoy your weekend off.

    Apartment Cleaning: Smaller spaces may be easier to clean but they're also easier to get messy. Make the most of apartment living convenience with our maid service in Colorado and enjoy a cleaner home as often as you'd like.

    Move-Out Cleaning Services: Few moving experiences go according to plan, but when you have The Maids on your side, you can skip the final cleanup and hit the road faster. We'll even get your new home move-in ready so you can settle in more quickly.

  • How much does The Maids house cleaning cost in Colorado?

    Giving your home and family the best doesn't mean it has to cost a lot. Our customized rates for our Colorado cleaning services are based on your home's size, condition, and other factors. Get your personalized cleaning plan for affordable house cleaning with a free estimate today.

  • Why hire professional house cleaning services in Colorado?

    If you consider maid services to be merely another expense, consider what our healthy approach to cleaning can mean for your home. A cleaner home more often may be the most appealing part of our Colorado cleaning services, but giving your family a healthier environment may be the most important. When you want a cleaner and healthier home week after week, you want The Maids.  

  • Why choose The Maids for cleaning services in Colorado?

    Besides our industry-leading cleaning approach, you also get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, our 22-Step Cleaning Process, and decades of experience. No matter why our customers choose The Maids, we're proud that we can make 96 percent of them happy. You'll find that our residential cleaning services offer affordable and professional cleaning for nearly every need.