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Mr. Clean® and The Maids Partnership

The Ultimate Clean Team

Get A Clean You Can Trust


A Story of Two House Cleaning Powerhouses

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Mr. Clean® Redefines Clean

Mr. Clean® is a trusted cleaning brand that hit the housekeeping scene in 1958 with the tagline, "There's no clean like Mr. Clean." It looks like most of the world agreed because the iconic strongman of cleaning became a household name.

The Maids Brings the Teams

The Maids was founded in 1979 as one of the only residential cleaning services to clean for health using a systematic team cleaning approach.

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The Maids & Mr. Clean Become Soilmates

Mr. Clean is still a legend in cleaning with innovative products like the Magic Eraser and unbeatable grime-busting power. The Maids is still spreading the joys of healthy cleaning neighborhood by neighborhood with nearly 200 locations across North America.

With over 120 years of combined experience, the two companies each bring unique insights into how people want to maintain a clean and healthy home. Innovation has been a cornerstone to success as both brands seek to provide first- to-the-market solutions to help solve problems, fulfill consumer needs, and overall improve lives.




Partners in Grime Since 2018

The exclusive brand partnership began in 2018 and continues to provide innovation, learning, product development, and training opportunities to the front lines of The Maids’ operations. In a crowded home services industry, it can be hard to know who to trust. Our customers get an added benefit of enjoying a certified level of clean. Through the co-brand partnership, current and future customers have confidence in using The Maids because they were hand-selected to be the exclusive home cleaning partners of the very meticulous Mr. Clean. When Mr. Clean certified The Maids in 2018, we knew our decades-long mission to create healthier homes had entered a new era.


~ A Tale of Cleanliness ~

The Ultimate Clean Team Continues

Years later, the most dynamic cleaning duo in the industry is still going strong, delivering a clean so thorough you can feel it! Mr. Clean and The Maids are setting a higher bar as we revolutionize residential cleaning services.

Partner with Mr. Clean and The Maids and watch a professional cleaning team transform your home with a proven 22-Step Cleaning Process. Your clean team combines next-generation cleaning tools and the muscle of Mr. Clean products to systematically clean your home step by step. Experience a clean you can feel with all your senses when you get your home cleaned today.

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