Residential Window Cleaning Services

Residential Window Cleaning Services Give Your Home a Whole New Look

Your busy schedule keeps you running all week long, so why not let The Maids take on some of the dirty work with professional window cleaning? Wouldn't you rather shop, eat, play, or do just about anything else instead of tackling those dirty windows?

While hiring a home window cleaning service may seem like a service tailored for the most affluent households, when you give it some thought, you may find that residential window cleaning services can be a good investment.

The return on your investment is a home with sparkling clean windows that let in more of the natural light and look great. A professional window cleaning can give the outside of your home a quick, affordable makeover that makes it look fresher and cleaner—without having to climb a ladder or even lift a finger!

Just as important, residential window cleaning services give you something that money can't buy—more time. If you've ever tackled cleaning your home's windows, you know how time-consuming it can be and how physically demanding it is. From digging out ladders and other equipment to the hassle of opening and closing windows and storm windows to get both sides. You can spend hours on this!

Our residential window cleaning teams can save you time and trouble so you can spend more time doing the things you love instead of washing windows. Our services are affordable, our teams are reliable, and you can enjoy beautiful, streak-free windows as often as you like, thanks to our flexible and affordable options.

Professional Home Window Cleaning Offers More Than Better Views

Some residential window cleaning services offer additional services such as cleaning sills, tracks, and screens. Not only will your windows give you clearer views, they'll also bring in more light and make your home more visually appealing inside and out.

Preventive Maintenance

Sliding window tracks and hinges should be free of debris and dirt to ensure your windows operate properly. When your window cleaning company provides preventive maintenance, they can keep your windows in good shape and catch problems before they become worse.

Less Cleaning

The more often your windows are cleaned, the less chance there is for buildup. While fingerprints and dirt can be obvious, buildup from cooking, burning candles, using a fireplace, and smoking may go unnoticed. This grime attracts dirt and dust that can make your windows look dull and dingy. Buildup can also occur on blinds and shades, so make sure these cleaning chores are on your list.

Curb Appeal

How your home looks from the outside can be just as important as how the outside looks from your home. Sparkling clean windows work both ways—you get better views from the inside, and your home has plenty of curb appeal on the outside. Professional window cleaning is one of our most popular services because it gives you so much value, inside and out.

More Sunlight

Keeping windows free of dirt, dust, and buildup will allow more natural sunlight into your home. Natural light can decrease the amount of electrical lighting you use, give your home an inviting atmosphere, and even lighten your mood.

Many modern windows have coatings designed to increase efficiency, reduce glare, and more. Keeping your windows clean can help these coatings do their job better and last longer; remember, dirt and buildup may decrease your home’s heating efficiency because less sunlight and warmth are allowed into your home.

Making window cleaning a routine thing is a good investment in your home's efficiency, value, and comfort.



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Why Should I Choose The Maids for Residential Window Cleaning Services?

The Maids is the only residential cleaning service to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health. We provide a range of residential cleaning services, from washing windows to cleaning carpets and more with your family's health and safety as our first priority.

We take the same care with our home window cleaning as we do with all our popular house cleaning services. We choose the safest window cleaning products that get the job done right to protect your family, our window cleaning teams and the environment.

Our professionally trained window cleaning team members go through a thorough background check, and each one is bonded and insured for everyone's protection. They receive hands-on training from experienced team leaders to not only get your windows squeaky clean, but to do their jobs safely while protecting your home and property.

The Maids' home window cleaning service features professional equipment and the most effective window cleaning products. That means no streaks or smudges—just crystal clear windows that give your whole home a cleaner, brighter look inside and out. 


Screendoor cleaning

How Often Should I Use Window Cleaning Services?

A good rule of thumb for residential window cleaning services is to tackle the job at least twice each year. Scheduling a window cleaning to coincide with your seasonal house cleanings serves multiple purposes. First, you'll get your twice-a-year window cleaning on a regular schedule without having to remember to do it. Second, this timing catches your windows when they are at their dirtiest.

The spring window cleaning gets rid of the buildup on the inside that comes from having your home cooped up for winter and gets rid of the winter weather dirt and mineral deposits on the outside. The fall window cleaning is great for cutting through the accumulated dust and dirt on the inside that builds up from your family coming in and out more often and gets rid of the pollen dust and dirt on the outside.

If you live in a rural area near farms and fields, the dust and dirt stirred up during planting and harvest seasons may increase the need for a home window cleaning service more often. For homes near saltwater, a monthly exterior window cleaning will prevent salt buildup that could stain and etch the glass if left for too long.


Residential Window Cleaning Services Near Me 

The Maids can help you save time and effort with our window cleaning services, and we're probably right around the corner. Window washing is available at many of our almost 200 franchise locations, so call them and find out more about the services offered. They'll be glad to tell you what special services they offer—from weekly maid service to professional window cleaning, The Maids has you covered. Get a free estimate today and get ready to come home to sparkling, spotless windows! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Included in Window Cleaning Services?

The Maids provides a range of residential window cleaning services to keep your windows sparkling clean. Some locations have the equipment and resources to clean windows inside and out on multiple stories. Other locations may offer additional services such as cleaning sills, tracks, and screens. Each location offers different levels of window service; contact The Maids in your neighborhood for more information.

What do Residential Window Cleaning Services Use to Clean Windows?

Our professional window cleaners use products and equipment that get the job done safely and quickly. Window cleaning teams use squeegees, microfiber cloths, proven window cleaning solutions, and professional techniques to get your windows crystal clear. Some locations are equipped with ladders, extension poles, and other window cleaning equipment, so The Maids can get to those hard-to-reach windows.

How Often Should House Windows be Cleaned?

For sparkling clean windows all year long, consider adding window cleaning to your spring cleaning and fall cleanup routine. Scheduling window cleaning services for fall and spring not only lets you set it and forget it—you'll also be tackling your windows when they need cleaning the most.

Winters can be harsh on windows, both inside and out. Our spring window cleaning process removes the buildup from the inside and the dirt and mineral residue on the outside. Fall window cleaning gets rid of dust and pollen on the inside of windows and the summer dirt and dust on the outside.

For homes on unpaved roads or near farms and fields, a quarterly window cleaning service may be necessary. If your home is by the ocean, you may need a window cleaner monthly to prevent the saltwater, sand, and dirt from staining and etching your glass.

How Much Does a Home Window Cleaning Service Cost?

Window cleaning cost depends on the type of windows, the number of windows, their condition, and the layout of your home. Think of it as an investment; our residential window cleaning services save you time and effort, so you can focus on the things you love. We offer a 100 percent guarantee, so you know we’ll get the job done.

It's easy to find window cleaning services from The Maids near your neighborhood. We have locations in over 40 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, serving almost 100 major cities and the surrounding areas. You can also go online and search "residential window cleaning services near me," look for The Maids, and call your local office. They'll be glad to tell you more about window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other special residential cleaning services.