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Best Ways to
Clean Your Blinds

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June 20, 2016

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There is nothing like waking up to a soft morning glow. With warm sunlight peeking through the blinds, you know you have a brilliant day ahead. Oh, the glory of opening freshly cleaned blinds to greet the day instead of inhaling a puff of dancing allergens. It’s time to ask yourself: When was the last time you slid a white cloth across your wood or plastic panels? Afraid to see the amount of grime and dust firsthand?

Do you even have blind cleaner in the house?

Window blinds are household furnishings that seem to get cleaned only when a sudden rush of energy takes over or when the sea of dust they emit becomes unbearable. However, the task isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Learning how to clean blinds is easy; it only requires familiar cleaning tools and a little know-how. Trust us, when you notice that your allergies have lessened and there aren’t as many dusty particles floating in the air, you’ll be grateful you spent the time to do a good clean.

The Easiest Way to Clean Blinds

For a Simple Clean

As with most household items, regular dusting will decrease the need for an annual hose down. White vinegar is a quick and easy blind cleaner. Simply put a clean soft cloth over your hand and dip your covered fingertips into a bowl of vinegar. Swipe your hand across the top and bottom of each slat and voila! For vinyl, faux wood, and other less sensitive materials, run a microfiber cloth across each blind to reduce static cling and minimize the mess.

For a Deep Clean

Blinds with layers of neglect need a little more elbow grease than a simple wipe down. Start by reading the maintenance literature that came with the blinds. Wooden, fabric, and other types of blinds need to be handled more carefully than other materials. And don’t worry about removing your blinds from the hinges. Wood, faux wood, woven wood (such as bamboo), and fabric blinds do not need to be removed for routine cleaning. All they need is routine attention, and they’ll be good to go. We know you don’t have blinders on when it comes to the dust, so The Maids put together some pointers to help you clean all types of blinds!

How to Clean Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be hard to handle, but if you take your time, you can get them sparkling clean without removing them. Start by putting down towels below your vertical blinds to catch runoff. Fill one bucket with clean water and one with soap and water. Using 2 soapy sponges, wipe both sides of the blinds at the same time. Clean from the top down so the blinds don’t come off their track. Rinse your sponges in clean water as they get dirty and move on down your blinds. To prevent water spots, use a dry cloth to wipe away extra water as you go.

How To Clean Mini-Blinds

Dusting mini-blinds weekly helps prevent buildup of dust and grime. You can reach all sides of the narrow slats by fully extending the blinds, then turning the slats closed until you’re looking at their opposite sides. Using a feather or microfiber duster or microfiber cloth, gently sweep in the direction of the slats, making contact with the one below and above. Turn the blinds ninety degrees and dust the sides of the slats. Then repeat on the other side.

The Best Way to Clean Wooden Blinds

Dust your wooden blinds weekly to prevent excessive dirt and grime from building up. You should also thoroughly clean and retreat them at least twice a year with a furniture finish. If your wooden blinds are located in your kitchen, you’ll want to clean them more often, since grease settles on them. Grease can ruin the look of stained wooden blinds and lock in moisture that may warp the wood.

For the best way to clean blinds, follow this rule: Damp is okay, wet is not—especially when it comes to wooden blinds. Always remember that excess moisture can warp and discolor the wood. Vacuum your wooden blinds first and then wipe them down with your damp cloth. For stain-finished wooden blinds, consider using lemon oil or wood preservative to give it extra shine.

How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are enormously popular, and rightly so! They provide a pretty view without costing an arm and leg. To clean them, remove excess dust and dirt with your trusty vacuum brush attachment. Then, mix together lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Dampen a soft cloth and swipe across the front and back. Be sure to blot dry and then close.

You may need to remove faux wood or other synthetic blinds to get them clean if they are too grimy. Faux wood blinds are durable and resist warping, so it’s safe to take them down and clean them in the tub. Fill the tub with hot soapy water and submerge the blinds. Let them soak for at least an hour and then spray them off with hot water. Shake out the blinds and wipe off excess water before you hang them back up.

How to Clean Woven Bamboo Blinds

You have to give woven wood blinds a little more love and care when it’s time for a clean. Vacuum them with a brush attachment, holding it an inch away from the material to not create suction that could damage the material. Warning: What works for many blinds—damp cloths, paper towels, or microfiber sheets—will shed and get caught in the weave of the bamboo and similar woven woods. Be sure to avoid wiping anything across the surface and just use a vacuum to clean them.

If your shades are too grimy with built up dust and dirt, you may have to remove them and clean them in the tub. Fill the tub with warm water and a cleaner designed for wood. Let them soak for at least an hour and then spray them off with warm water. Shake out the blinds and pat them dry before you hang them back up.

How to Clean Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds, which are often broader than most blinds, tend to get quite dusty compared to other varieties. However, since they are often made of faux wood, cleaning them is as easy as a wipe. Simply combine a drop of mild detergent to a damp cloth and swipe across the blinds. Blot dry and close. Presto! You can enjoy your stylish blinds, sans the dust.

To deep-clean your faux wood Venetian blinds, follow the steps for faux wood blinds above. If your Venetian blinds are wooden, use the cleaning method outlined above.

How to Clean Fabric Blinds

Start by gently vacuuming the blinds. Then spot clean with a soft clean cloth and mixture of mild detergent and warm water. Be careful not to crush or crinkle the fabric, blot gently, and let dry. For more adamant stains, use your favorite household stain fighter. Do a test patch first and let dry for 24 hours to make sure the fabric doesn’t fade. For serious grime and stains, a dry cleaner can usually get your fabric blinds looking like new.

Giving your blinds a serious deep clean is a great rainy day project. And if life is simply too busy to dedicate an afternoon scrubbing the house and cleaning the blinds, you can always count on The Maids. We’re here to give your home a tip-top shine you can feel the moment you walk in the door. Give us a call at 1-800-THE-MAIDS for a free quote!

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