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House Cleaning Services in Missouri

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What’s better than a fresh, clean home? A healthier home cleaned by The Maids® using our 22-Step Cleaning Process. We know you want your home to be fresh and clean and you want to have time to get out and enjoy all that Missouri offers, from the Ozarks to the Arch. That’s why we are proud to offer our housekeeping services right here in the “Show-Me” State. If you’ve never thought much about hiring cleaning services in Missouri, keep reading to find out how you can find more time to do the things you love and enjoy a clean house more often.

Imagine having the time next weekend to take the family to one of their favorite destinations or a long overdue date night at your favorite restaurant. Maybe you just need some “me” time and want to spend a lazy afternoon decompressing. You don’t have to spend another weekend catching up on housework when you let us take care of the dirty work. Whatever you need more time for, our maid service in Missouri has you covered. Call The Maids® in Missouri at 1-916-936-0014 and request a quote for house cleaning services, so you can get out more often.

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The Maids® of Missouri Referred for a Reason®

The Maids® is committed to providing the best house cleaning services in Missouri backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because we are the only residential cleaning service to focus specifically on healthy cleaning, we use tools and techniques safe for you and the environment. Our cleaning services in Missouri rely on environmentally preferred equipment like our commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove much of the dust and other pollutants to help you and your family breathe easier. We even disinfect commonly touched areas like switch plates and cabinet pulls to help prevent the spread of germs. Because our team members have a passion for detail, our cleaning teams clean virtually every available surface in your home.

We also bring along some serious muscle to tackle house cleaning in Missouri with our exclusive partner, Mr. Clean®. The combined cleaning power of our professional teams and Mr. Clean® means you’ll enjoy a superior clean and a healthier environment after just one visit. From our professional carpet cleaning to our holiday cleaning services, you and your family get two of the most respected names in cleaning with one service. Let us show you why 96% of our customers recommend us to their neighbors, family and friends and what a difference healthy cleaning can make in your home. Give our Missouri cleaning services a call!

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Same-Day Cleaning: If you’ve never thought about same-day house cleaning in Missouri, lucky you. But the next time you have a cleaning emergency that can’t wait, The Maids has your back.

One-Time Cleaning: Can a one-time professional house cleaning make that much difference? When you choose The Maids, it does! We deliver the most comprehensive one-time Missouri cleaning services to give you a clean home and a fresh start.

Seasonal Cleaning: What if we told you that you could skip the spring cleaning and fall cleanup this year and still get the job done? It’s true—inside and out, The Maids can handle big cleaning projects any time of year.

Move-Out Cleaning: Why let your move derail when you’re ready to hit the road, but you still have to tidy up your former home? Let The Maids get your old place sparkling clean —and check out our move-in cleaning services in Missouri for a clean start at your new home.

Small Business Cleaning: When it comes to cleaning small businesses, we know what we’re doing. Why? Because every one of our over 200 locations is a small business, too. When you invest in our commercial cleaning services in Missouri, you get a healthier and cleaner business.

Apartment Cleaning: What could be more convenient than weekly apartment maid service in Missouri! You’ve got the landscaper and the maintenance team, so why not make apartment life even more convenient?

Recurring Cleaning: Our most requested cleaning services are our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly regular maid services. Customers love our healthy approach to cleaning and the extra free time they get weekly. If you desire a clean home more frequently, a recurring cleaning service can make it happen.

You should hire professional cleaning services in Missouri for two reasons:

First, having someone else clean your home means you have more time for the things you enjoy. Second, your home gets a professional cleaning as often as you like, and you don’t have to do any of the work!

We provide an array of healthy cleaning services to give our customers an affordable way to customize their cleaning. The size of your home, its condition, and your chosen services will determine the cost of house cleaning in Missouri. Get your affordable customized quote for house cleaning services in Missouri today.

Your home and family deserve the only house cleaning services in Missouri to clean for health, specifically—The Maids. We get rid of germs and more dirt and dust than conventional cleaning services to give you a cleaner home and a healthier environment. When you team up with The Maids, you get customizable and affordable house cleaning that fits your lifestyle.