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House Cleaning Services in Ohio

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From the mountains of Appalachia to the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio is the midwestern state full of history, outdoor adventure, culture and entertainment you call home. The rest of the country knows your home state as home to the Rock & Roll and Pro Football Hall of Fame. Whether it’s a day trip to a special destination or lunch and a movie, how do you find the time to enjoy all Ohio offers? If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed some of your favorites, we bet it’s because you are busy with responsibilities like work, family and housekeeping. We can help you find more of the free time you want. Give The Maids® a call at 1-800-843-6243 today for a free home cleaning quote so that you can reclaim your weekends.

What if we could help you find extra time this weekend to enjoy getting out and about around Ohio? What would you do? Whatever it is, The Maids wants to help you get out of the house with our house cleaning services available throughout Ohio. If you’ve never considered using a maid service in Ohio, then we think you should! Imagine finally having all of your cleaning behind you and taking a day off for a well-deserved break? Whatever you’ve been longing to do, The Maids has you covered with our house cleaning in Ohio. Because we understand your schedule can be so busy, The Maids provides a wide range of options for your cleaning needs, including weekly and monthly cleaning to free up even more time.

The Maids® of Ohio Referred for a Reason®

We know you wouldn’t trust just any cleaning services in Ohio. You should know why 96 percent of our customers refer our cleaning services to their friends and neighbors. We are one of the leading residential cleaning services specializing exclusively in cleaning for health. At The Maids in Ohio, we use environmentally preferred products like commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99 percent of dust, allergens and other contaminants. The Maids disinfects areas like light switches, door handles and more to help prevent the spread of germs. And our professionally trained teams are armed with the cleaning muscle of Mr. Clean®.

As if our 22-Step Cleaning Process wasn’t enough to put those other cleaning companies on notice, there’s one more reason to choose The Maids. Mr. Clean trusts only one residential cleaning service to be an exclusive partner, and we’re proud to have earned their endorsement. Our healthy approach to cleaning and the cleaning muscle of Mr. Clean combine to create a house cleaning duo that’s a step above. We’d love to show you what The Maids and Mr. Clean can do to make your home healthier and cleaner than ever before. So what are you waiting for! Give our Ohio cleaning crew a try!

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Apartment Cleaning: Only the fanciest apartments come with maid service, but for the rest of us, there’s always The Maids. You get a deep cleaning without deep pockets because our apartment cleaning services in Ohio are as cost-effective as they are convenient.

Specialty Cleaning: Skip those tedious chores and overwhelming cleaning projects when you put our house cleaning services in Ohio to work. No matter what gets dirty around your home, we probably have a service for it.

One-Time Cleaning: We’ve all fallen behind on one responsibility or another. But when the housekeeping suffers, it’s time to call in The Maids. We’ll give you a fresh, clean home and a fresh start so you can get things back on track.

Same Day Cleaning: There’s a reason The Maids offers on-demand cleaning in Ohio. We’ve run across our share of cleaning emergencies, so we know our customers sometimes need help fast. The next time you need a clean home with the wait or the work, you need The Maids.

Seasonal Cleaning: Spring flowers, fall colors, and weekend cleaning marathons—the changing of the seasons is a wonderful thing. If the thought of spending a weekend (or two) cleaning around the house doesn’t sound wonderful to you, we get it. Check out our spring and fall Ohio cleaning services before losing another weekend.

Move-In Cleaning: Moving is a big enough hassle without arriving at your new home only to find it hasn’t been cleaned. You don’t have to let a dirty house put a damper on your arrival when The Maids is right around the corner. You can even skip the final cleanup at your old place because we have move-out cleaning services in Ohio for that too.

We don’t know many people who love cleaning as much as we do, and we understand how busy life gets. When you don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to keep your home clean, cleaning services in Ohio can be a lifesaver.

A home’s size, condition, and selected services affect the cost of maid service in Ohio. When you partner with The Maids, you can count on a customized cleaning plan that fits your home and budget. Find out how affordable a clean home can be when you get a free estimate today.

We’re on a mission to make house cleaning in Ohio a service that cleans and creates healthier environments. Less dirt, fewer germs, and our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee are only part of what you get when you choose The Maids.