Unique Cleaning Services for Special Cleaning Projects

House Cleaning for When It's "Go Time," and You Have No Time.

Here at The Maids, we understand one size doesn't fit all. Sometimes you need your house cleaned from top to bottom; other times you just need a specific area maintained. From regular housekeeping to unique cleaning services, The Maids has you covered with the most comprehensive house cleaning services available.

That's because we remove more dirt, dust, grime, and germs than conventional cleaning services offered by other cleaning companies. Our unique cleaning services can tackle your extra cleaning needs and minimize bacteria and viruses that contribute to illness. How do we take on the toughest cleaning projects and create a healthier environment? Over 40 years of experience cleaning carpets, windows, upholstery, and just about everything else, for starters!

Add environmentally-preferred practices and our partnership with one of the most legendary cleaning brands in the world, Mr. Clean, and it's easy to see why The Maids is uniquely qualified to provide unique cleaning services. Mr. Clean chose The Maids because of our long reputation for superior cleaning—we chose Mr. Clean because of its reliable cleaning power. From special house cleaning services to regular apartment cleaning, we give you the most thorough, healthiest clean in the business.

Unique cleaning services




Your Home is Unique. Your Cleaning Services Should Be, Too!

Your home is important to you, and it's important to us. That's why our healthy approach to cleaning comes standard with weekly maid service and all our additional cleaning services. Our most popular unique cleaning services include carpet cleaning and window cleaning. Many of our over 200 locations provide these special cleaning services and many others, performed by skilled professionals.

Every professionally trained cleaning team member goes through a thorough background check and is insured and bonded for everyone's peace of mind. They receive hands-on training from experienced team leaders in cleaning, time management, and customer satisfaction—and it clearly shows.

Our highly-trained teams at The Maids consistently receive excellent ratings because your satisfaction—and our reputation—are the foundation for everything they do.


The Maids Offer These Special Cleaning Services*:


Carpet Maintenance
Furnace Filter Changing
Closets & Storage Areas
Construction Cleaning
Louvered Doors & Wood Shutters
Inside Freezers
Inside Refrigerators
Artificial & Live Plant Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Outside Patio with Furniture
Dishwasher Interiors
Garages & Basements
Upholstered Furniture
Inside of Trash Cans
Polishing Silver
Hardwood Floor Cleaning
Inside Cabinets & Drawers
Chandeliers & Light Fixtures
Mirrored Walls
Wall Washing


*Special cleaning projects vary by franchise location. Call your local office to learn about the services available




A Healthier Approach to Unique Cleaning Services

The Maids is the only residential cleaning service to specialize in cleaning for health exclusively. We provide a range of additional cleaning services, from mattress cleaning to hardwood floor care, and we get the job done right with your family's health and safety as our priority.

Here's how The Maids protects your family and our cleaning teams while providing the best special house cleaning services in the industry:

Clean and disinfect surfaces, including frequently touched areas that harbor germs
Use only EPA-approved disinfectants that kill coronavirus and other viruses
Bring fresh, disinfected cleaning cloths and tools for every service
Screen cleaning team members daily and make social distancing mandatory
Protect customers and their homes by requiring team members to wear gloves, face masks, shoe covers, and other PPE.
Provide contactless cleaning services from start to finish

No matter how “special” your cleaning needs, we have affordable unique cleaning services you can count on. Because of our 22-Step Cleaning Process and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. If you’re not happy with any area our team cleans, call us within 24 hours and we’ll re-clean it for free—no questions asked.

Deep Cleaning with healthy touch


Life's Short. Do What You Love. (We Do).

With our team of expert professionals, one hour of our time can save you four hours of yours. Spend that time relaxing with your family, taking an exercise class, treating your kids to the zoo or reading a book. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, even if you had time and energy to clean your house, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

*Special cleaning projects vary by franchise location. Call your local office to learn about the services available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need special house cleaning services?

You Hate To Clean.

Not everyone loves to clean as much as we do. If you hate to clean, why not spend your time doing the things you love and let us take care of the dirty work? From window cleaning to scrubbing walls, we have you covered.

You Just Don't Have Time.

Your busy schedule can quickly derail your housekeeping routine and leave you with a constantly messy house. Let The Maids lighten your load with one of our special cleaning services and help you get your cleaning schedule back on track.

You’re Selling Your Home.

Curb appeal is great, but a fresh, clean house is what makes the sale. Special house cleaning services from The Maids can make your old home look new again and get buyers to take notice. With more than 180 franchises serving over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities, there's sure to be an office near you.

What are the types of cleaning services we offer?

Residential cleaning services vary by franchise, but you'll find unique cleaning services for most of your challenging cleaning projects. If your bedroom doesn't have that fresh feel any longer, ask us about mattress vacuuming. Is your kitchen dull and greasy? A professional oven cleaning, cabinet scrub, or other deep cleaning can bring back that sparkling clean look.

Many of our locations are uniquely equipped to handle a range of specialty cleaning. In addition to window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sanitation services, you'll find special cleaning services for tackling big and small jobs all around the house.

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Window blinds
  • And more...

What are special cleaning services?

Special cleaning services are perfect for special occasions like holiday gatherings, birthday parties, and any other time you want your home to look its best. From bringing back your carpet's luster to making your windows shine, sometimes you need additional cleaning services that aren't a part of weekly maid service. Whether it's guests coming in for the weekend or you're just tired of putting off a dreaded cleaning project, we'll handle the dirty work, and give you all the credit.

How much does a particular cleaning service cost?

We offer unique cleaning services and affordable options. To ensure we provide the best solution for your cleaning needs and a good fit for your budget, these are some of the factors we consider when we create your customized quote:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Number of rooms that need cleaning
  • Type of flooring in your house
  • Certain surfaces that require unique attention such as marble or travertine
  • Overall condition of your home
  • Number of people and pets living in your home