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Cleaning Franchise Financing Options & Fees

The residential and commercial cleaning industry is growing steadily. The demand for deep cleaning and disinfecting is at an all-time high in the wake of the recent pandemic. The heightened awareness of infectious viruses and the busy lifestyles of consumers are driving the surge, creating unprecedented opportunities for cleaning businesses. If you’re looking for an opportunity to build your own business, The Maids® can help you capitalize on the powerful trends in the cleaning industry.

The Maids residential cleaning franchise is the ideal investment if you want to be your own boss, build wealth and security, and provide services that can make customers’ lives better. The Maids offers flexible and affordable healthy cleaning services that create a recurring revenue stream and opportunity for growth. Before you start your cleaning franchise journey, it’s essential to understand how cleaning franchise financing and fees work.

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Understanding Cleaning Franchise Financing and the Investment

The average cleaning franchise cost for The Maids is around $150,000. This typical franchise agreement investment includes an initial deposit, territory costs, and operating capital. A more detailed look at the costs are broken down below.

The Maids Franchise Investment Breakdown

Initial Deposit

The initial deposit for your franchise is approximately $39,400. This deposit covers the initial territory costs ($22,500) plus the SMART Start Package ($16,900) to launch your cleaning business.


Territory Costs

A territory's initial cleaning franchise fee is approximately $0.50 per household. The typical new franchisee invests in a territory of about 130,000 households, which equates to an average of $65,000. Any territory costs beyond the $22,500 from your deposit can be financed with The Maids or through a lender.


Operating Capital

Based on our experience with nearly 200 franchises, we suggest a minimum of $70,000 in operating capital. Operating costs can vary depending on the local market and territory size.


Cleaning Franchise Financing with The Maids

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When you partner with The Maids, you can take advantage of in-house financing for territory costs. We also offer special financing options for minorities and veterans. A typical franchise financing plan features a two-year interest-free deferment and an 84-month payment schedule. Some franchise owners can find competitive financing with SBA loans thanks to our stellar track record and profitability.

The Maids franchise fees are some of the most generous in the industry. Typical royalties begin at only 6.9 percent and can go as low as 3.9 percent as franchise revenue grows. The initial investment and fees associated with cleaning franchises aren’t inexpensive, but when the average franchise produces $1,140,000 in gross revenue, the return can be life-changing.

When you invest in residential and office cleaning franchise opportunities from The Maids, we provide the tools to start, grow, and expand your cleaning business. You can count on us to help you navigate the path to success, provide room for growth, and create more than just a business. Team up with the #1-ranked cleaning franchise on the 2022 Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, and let’s make your dreams a reality.

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