House Cleaning Services in Oklahoma

Home to the Ozarks, open plains and forests, Oklahoma offers a mild climate for enjoying plenty of outdoor activities. When was the last time you got outside on the weekend for a hike and some fresh air? Can you remember the last time you took the kids to a Saturday afternoon movie or spent the day together just out and about? If it’s been a while since you've enjoyed a leisurely weekend, it’s probably because you are too busy with work, family and other responsibilities like housekeeping.

What if you could find extra time this weekend to spend some time with family and friends? What would you do? The Maids® wants to help you figure that out with our highly recommended house cleaning services in Oklahoma. If you’ve never considered using a maid service in Oklahoma, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Give The Maids® a call at 1-800-843-6243 today for a free quote, and we’ll fill you in!  

Imagine what it would be like to finally have all of that Spring or Fall cleaning behind you, so you could take that well-deserved break? How about date night or family night at your favorite restaurant? The Maids® has you covered with our house cleaning in Oklahoma. Because your life is so busy and there’s so much you’d rather be doing, The Maids® provides a wide range of options for you including weekly and monthly cleaning to free up even more time to enjoy life.

Best House Cleaning Service in Oklahoma

One-Time Cleaning

If a regular cleaning is too often for you, we also offer Oklahoma one-time cleaning services. We’re on your schedule and our cleaning teams are happy to clean to your home whenever suits you.

Spring or Fall Cleaning

It’s a new season, so why not start it off right with a freshly cleaned home? The Maids is here to help! We offer the best fall and spring cleaning services in Oklahoma to get your home in perfect shape.

Same Day Cleaning

Quick! You have family staying over tonight and a friend popping by for dinner. If you don’t want to do all the last-minute cleaning while running a million other errands, call The Maids! With our 22-Step Cleaning Process, we can have your home swept and shined in no time.

Additional Services

Need an extra hand around the house? The Maids is here with custom-cleaning services. Whether it’s cleaning the refrigerator, tile floors, or light fixtures, we’ll reach those impossible spots and handle all the dirty work.

Recurring Cleaning

If you just don’t have enough hours in the day, we completely understand. Let The Maids keep your home neat as a pin with our Oklahoma recurring cleaning services so you can enjoy your free time.

You deserve to walk into your home and feel refreshed. Call us at 1-800-843-6243 today for the best Oklahoma house cleaning services.

The Maids® of Oklahoma Referred for a Reason®

The Maids® is a quality leader in the residential cleaning services industry, with more than 140 franchisees serving over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities. Plus, we're the only residential cleaning service to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health. The Maids Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System features commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99% of dust, allergens and other contaminants. We also disinfect those often ignored commonly touched areas like light switches, remotes, door handles and cupboard handles and pulls. And our teams are armed with the cleaning muscle of Mr. Clean®.

As if our healthy approach to cleaning weren’t enough to set us apart for cleaning services in Oklahoma, there’s one more reason to choose The Maids®. Mr. Clean® trusts only one residential cleaning service to be an exclusive partner, and we’re proud to have earned that trust. Our superior cleaning power and attention to detail are why 96% of our customers would recommend us to their family and friends. Benefit from the cleaning expertise of The Maids® and the added muscle of the legendary Mr. Clean® when you let The Maids® keep your house clean from season to season. Give us a call today!