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You know your mowed lawn looks fabulous but looking through the window you see fog and cobwebs rather than glorious shades of green and a colorful mid-summer garden. Something is just not right.

You are suffering from window cleaning denial. It is time. In fact, if your windows function as flat terrariums or your curtains stay closed to hide the problem it is probably past time.

We at The Maids understand that window cleaning often finds its way to the bottom of many to-do lists.

Want to know some of our tricks?

Overcast is best. It is easiest to wash windows on a cloudy day to avoid direct sunlight. A bright sun will dry your cleaning solution before you can properly polish the glass, leaving leave it streaky.

Vinegar and cloth is all you need. Mix 1 part vinegar to 1 part hot water. To remove previously used cleaning solution from the window, add a few drops of dish soap. Place mixture in a spray bottle and wipe clean with a cotton cloth.

Let it shine. To give it that extra glow, polish the washed and dried window with a clean cotton T-shirt or a clean blackboard eraser.

Clean the screen. For seriously dirty screens, remove and spray down with a hose. Use a brush and your soapy water/vinegar solution to really clean them up. For light cleaning, vacuum screens to get dirt and twigs out of tiny crevices, and then wash over with a damp cloth.

Get rid of the bugs. While the screen is off, brush or vacuum the loose dirt, bugs or cobwebs. Dip a soft bristled brush into mixture and gently scrub the track. Use a damp rag to wipe away soapy residue.

We want you to see your best. With a bit of vinegar and an overcast afternoon your windows can get back to showing you nature’s elements, not wearing them. Go on and let the light in.


Photo cred: newlivinghouston on Flikr

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