As long as we’ve been cooking indoors, cleaning the oven has been one of the least-liked household chores and for good reason. Cleaning the oven was no easy task.  It used to take strong scrubbing with caustic cleaners to rid the oven of burnt-on, sticky spills.  The self-cleaning oven was invented in 1963 and worked by heating the residue inside the oven until it carbonized and turned to ash.  But a self-cleaning cycle can’t take the place of good deep clean.  Your oven is an expensive piece of equipment and a regular deep clean ensures that it keeps working great. Luckily there are many ways to deep clean that don’t use harsh chemicals or break your back.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks from online testers for the best way to deep clean your oven. 

Use natural cleaning agents.  

Grab some baking soda and vinegar to start.  Baking soda is an alkaline and vinegar an acid, when used together they create a chemical reaction that helps to lift off stubborn, baked-on stains.  Essential oils are also great to use, especially lemon as it acts as a degreaser.

Remove your oven racks. 

Soak your oven racks in soapy water to help remove any stuck-on messes.  Use a gentle scouring pad to help loosen the debris. A bathtub works great to fully-immerse the racks in soapy water.  Some bloggers recommend adding dryer sheets to the tub as their anti-static properties help lift away baked-on food.  Other home improvement sites suggest using ammonia as an overnight soak.  Place your oven racks in a heavy-duty trash bag and add half a quart of ammonia, seal and let sit overnight.  Rinse thoroughly the next day, preferably outdoors for ventilation, and let dry.

Clean the sides.  

Add 3/4 cup of baking soda to a bowl and about 1/4 cup water to make a paste.  Generously coat the inside of the oven with the paste, one site suggests using a clean paintbrush to apply for even coverage, and let dry overnight.  Either scrape off the dried paste the next morning with a plastic scraper or use a damp sponge to remove. Repeat until clean and no streaks remain.

Clean the bottom. 

Let the cleaners do the work.  One blogger suggests sprinkling baking soda on the floor of your oven then spraying the baking soda down with vinegar; the mixture will bubble.  Let sit four hours or overnight and wipe up with a damp sponge.

Clean the door. 

One of our favorite products to use to clean the glass inside your oven door is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  It is non-abrasive and won’t scratch the glass.  Plus it easily gets up years of stuck-on grime. 

Let The Maids tackle the job.

Oven cleaning is one of our most popular special cleaning services and for good reason.  This is a big cleaning job that takes time and elbow grease, which may be out of reach for our busy and/or elderly clients no matter how much they prepare.  

If you’ve got a special cleaning project or are interested in one of our other cleaning services, contact us today.  We’ll give you a free estimate right over the phone. 

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