Professional home cleaning certified by our trained experts and the power of Mr. Clean.


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Same day. One-time. Weekly. We bring clean right to your door. And windows. And bathrooms. And...


Our Cleaning System

Clean Homes are Healthy Homes.
Our proprietary 22-step cleaning service guards your family against germs and allergens.

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Universally Awesome. Nationally Trusted.
The clean home of your dreams is closer than you think. And so are we.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Clean Slate Guarantee.
We love what we do, and so will you. The Maids team will sweep you off your feet and that's a promise.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Trust your home to the team that’s trusted by Mr. Clean

The Maids, armed with the muscle of Mr. Clean, will keep your house clean and healthy from season-to-season.

Since 1979, The Maids has consistently ranked high among top-rated cleaning services, which is why our clients continuously refer us to their friends and family. And now, we’ve been chosen by Mr. Clean as the only cleaning service to be an exclusive partner.

What does this mean for you? A deep-down, professional clean that meets your highest standards, every single time. No need to sweat the dirty details, just give us a call and we’ll find a solution that fits your schedule and your home. To learn more about the process of hiring The Maids, visit How it Works and see what we can do for you!

Here's what our happy clients say about our home cleaning:

Valerie H.

"Very thorough. I've used many cleaning services and my house has never been this clean after."

Peter K.

"The Maids will be at the top of my list the next time I need a professional housecleaning. I was extremely pleased with the service I received. It was easy and efficient to set up the cleaning, the price was fair and up front, and the cleaning team did a top-notch job. They were able to remove several stains that I had long since assumed were permanently sunken into the kitchen and bathrooms."

Andrea R.

"My team is so professional. They work hard and fast. I love I have the same ladies each month. They know my house and what I like done. I have two big dogs who make housecleaning a challenge. I could not be happier with my home when they have finished."

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