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House Cleaning Services in Indiana

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If you’re not going to a concert or at least having dinner at your favorite restaurant this weekend, maybe you could use help with your busy schedule. That’s why The Maids® wants you to know about our maid service in Indiana. From our holiday cleaning service to our popular healthy cleaning services, we have plenty of options for your housekeeping needs. With so much to do in the Hoosier state, it’s a shame to waste your weekends cleaning bathrooms and dusting. We love cleaning, and you love having fun, so why not call us today at 1-916-790-5315 and get a house cleaning quote for your Indiana home?

Imagine heading out with the family for a Saturday afternoon at the park or catching Sunday brunch with friends. And when you get back home, the house is already fresh and clean because you called The Maids®. Thanks to our awesome house cleaning services in Indiana and beyond, you can take the day off and enjoy doing the things you love. After just one visit from The Maids®, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to find cleaning services in Indiana.

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The Maids® of Indiana Referred for a Reason®

Just because we say we’re the best thing to happen to cleaning services in Indiana in a long time, it doesn’t mean you’ll take our word for it! What if we told you that 96 percent of our customers are so pleased with The Maids® that they happily recommend us to their friends and family? Or how about our 22-Step Cleaning Process featuring a 22-step process to get your house clean and healthy, from top to bottom?

Need more? The Maids is among the toughest when it comes to dirt and germs. We disinfect commonly touched areas like light switches, cabinet pulls and more to prevent the spread of germs. And we use commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99 percent of pollen, contaminants and allergens, so you and your family can breathe easier. In fact, we’re considered by many to be the leading residential cleaning service in Indiana focused on cleaning for your health.

Still not convinced? Did you know The Maids® is the only cleaning service certified by one of the most trusted names in cleaning, Mr. Clean®? That’s right, Mr. Clean® trusts one cleaning service to be their exclusive partner. This cleaning partnership means you get the healthiest and most powerful house cleaning in Indiana. When you choose The Maids ® and Mr. Clean ®, you’re getting two of the most respected names in residential cleaning with one service. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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Recurring Cleaning: What if your home could be beautifully clean more often without lifting a finger? With our recurring cleaning services in Indiana, you choose how often you need us for personalized cleaning plans that fit your schedule.

Apartment Cleaning: If you want to optimize the convenience of apartment living, weekly maid service in Indiana is just a call away. From the most efficient studios to multi-level condos, we deliver the same guaranteed results every time.

Same-Day Cleaning: Did you know that you can get emergency house cleaning services in Indiana from The Maids? The next time you need a professional cleaning without the wait, we can save the day with same-day cleaning services.

One-Time Cleaning: It doesn’t take much to throw your busy schedule off track and get behind on housekeeping. But when you invest in a one-time deep cleaning from The Maids, our Indiana cleaning services can quickly get your home back in shape.

Move-In Cleaning: Moving can be a stressful experience, so why not let our move-in cleaning services have your new home move-in ready? For even less moving hassles, our move-out cleaning service can handle the cleanup at your old place.

Special Cleaning: Our special cleaning services in Indiana are ready to roll when you need help with large cleaning projects. The next time you have a unique cleaning challenge, let The Maids help you rise to the occasion.

Seasonal Cleaning: Our seasonal Indiana cleaning services can take on even the most challenging fall cleanups and spring cleanings. Instead of losing another weekend because you have too much to do, why not let us handle the work while you take a well-deserved break.

Professional cleaning services in Indiana can save you time and work you can put to better use. Everyone deserves a clean and healthy home for their family, but no one said you have to do all the work! Give them a clean house and yourself more free time when you invest in a house cleaning service.

When you choose Indiana cleaning services from The Maids, you get the affordability and flexibility you need for a custom fit. Each home is different, so house cleaning cost depends on size, condition, and other factors. Get a personalized estimate for house cleaning in Indiana today to find the right fit for your home.

The Maids provides premier residential cleaning services in Indiana to clean for health. We remove more dirt, dust, and grime than conventional cleaning services, and we minimize the spread of germs. Healthy house cleaning services in Indiana can make your home a better place to live, and The Maids can make it happen.