Housekeeping Services

If you want a cleaner home more often without the work, The Maids is ready to roll up our sleeves and hit the road. We’ll get your home cleaner and healthier than ever at rates that might be more cost-effective than you imagined. That means your home can have less dirt, germs, and grime more often at a price that makes housekeeping services a wise investment.

While residential maid service may seem like a luxury, when you think about the advantages, you may realize housekeeping cleaning services can mean more than a clean home. The return on your investment includes a clean and tidy home without all the work, a healthier environment for your family, and more free time to enjoy the things you love.

Whether you choose regularly scheduled maid service, a one-time deep cleaning, or one of our other popular housekeeping services, there are many significant benefits. Read on to find out how The Maids can give you more free time, help protect your health, and make your home look and feel beautiful.




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We get it — your busy schedule and responsibilities keep you running all week long. When the weekend rolls around, you often have to choose between a clean house and spending time with your family or other activities. But what if you could have both? Two hours free of cleaning duties means one more movie or date night. Ten hours of less cleaning could give you time to start a hobby, get in some me-time, and still have plenty left for quality time with family.

With our housekeeping cleaning services, we’ll save you hours of cleaning time so you can enjoy doing anything else. Whatever your cleaning needs, we have options that fit your schedule and budget. You’ll have a dedicated team that arrives on time and gets your home clean quickly and efficiently, so you can get on with your day.

Housekeeping Service Create a Healthier Home Environment

Our healthy approach to house cleaning takes maid service to another level. The Maids has cleaned for health for more than 40 years, so we are uniquely qualified to make homes healthier. Your health and safety always come first, and that’s why The Maids is dedicated to using the safest cleaning products and tools to get things sanitary and sparkling clean.

At The Maids, we don’t just move dirt and dust around with traditional cleaning tools like many residential cleaners. We remove dust and dirt with proven methods and tools like microfiber cloths and other state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Our commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration remove up to 99 percent of dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and other pollutants.

We even disinfect commonly touched surfaces like switch plates, cabinet pulls, and doorknobs to minimize the spread of viruses and other contagions. Whether they're airborne or surface contaminants, germs have nowhere to hide when it comes to our healthy housekeeping cleaning services.

Check out our healthy cleaning page to find out more about how we can disinfect your home and how you can protect your family from germs like bacteria and viruses.



Learn about our fall and spring cleaning service and other specialty cleaning services.

Does The Maids Offer Housekeeping Services Near Me?

There’s a good chance we're right around the corner from your neighborhood. We have more than 200 locations across the U.S. and Canada and we're still growing. Just hop online and search “housekeeping services near me” and look for The Maids. Or you can check out a full listing of The Maids' locations right here on our website.

Choose The Maids for housekeeping cleaning services and give your home the healthy clean it deserves from a residential cleaning service you can trust. Professionally trained, bonded, insured, and dedicated. That’s just some of what you can expect from your cleaning team. We arrive on time, get the job done quickly and effectively, and leave a sparkling clean home for your family to enjoy. All because we are dedicated to providing premium housekeeping services.

Maybe that’s why The Maids has one of the highest customer ratings in the residential cleaning industry. How high? We are proud to say that 96 percent of our customers would recommend The Maids to their family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Housekeeping Services?

    Unless housekeeping is your idea of fun, you've probably considered housekeeping services for your home. You may have even searched for “housekeepers near me" to learn more. But how do you know what to expect—and what you'll get—if you've never hired a housekeeper?

    Trust The Maids to take the guesswork out of finding a housekeeping service. Learn about our most popular housekeeping cleaning services below.

    • Recurring Cleaning: Our flexible and convenient services mean you can enjoy a cleaner home more often. Whether you need us monthly, bi-weekly, or every week, we create a cleaner, healthier home with every visit.    
    • One-Time Cleaning: If dirt and dust are getting the best of you, The Maids can get your home back in shape. From small apartments to large estates, we provide deep cleaning to create a beautifully clean living space. 
    • Spring and Fall Cleaning: Whether you're gearing up for summer or settling in for winter, The Maids can handle your seasonal cleaning projects. We remove dirt, grime, and germs for a fresh, clean makeover.
    • Move-Out Cleaning Services: Are you moving across town, or to another state? No matter where you end up, we can help lighten your load. We’ll handle the cleanup at your old home and get your new home move-in clean.
    • Move-In Cleaning Services:  The last thing you want to do after the big move is clean your new home before you can move in. Why not take a well-deserved break and let The Maids handle the cleaning? Our move-in cleaning service gets your new place sparkling clean and ready for you before you arrive. 
    • Special Cleaning Services: For all those other cleaning jobs, we offer the muscle and cleaning power you need to handle even the most extensive cleanup. If you need help with extra cleaning chores, The Maids is standing by. From window cleaning to carpet maintenance, mini-blind dusting to baseboard scrubbing, many locations offer special housekeeping cleaning services. 
  • What is Included in Housekeeping Services?

    From one-room apartments to three-story homes, all housekeeping cleaning services feature our proprietary 22-Step Cleaning Process which includes:

    All Areas
    Remove cobwebs
    Empty trash
    Disinfect frequently touched areas
    Vacuum upholstered furniture, floors, and carpets
    Dust surfaces, window sills, and shelves

    Clean hardware and sinks
    Damp wipe cabinet doors
    Clean counters and other flat surfaces
    Sweep and mop hard surface floors

    Clean and disinfect vanities, sinks, and hardware
    Scrub and disinfect toilets, tubs, and showers
    Sweep and mop hard surface floors

    Clean one entry window and one set of patio doors (Check with your local The Maids office for the availability of whole house window cleaning).

  • How Much do Housekeeping Services Cost?

    Housekeeping costs depend on the size of your home, the services provided, and other factors. Whether you choose a one-time cleaning to catch up on your housekeeping or weekly maid service for more free time, we have the budget-friendly options you want. Find out how affordable housekeeping can be when you get your free customized quote

  • Why Choose The Maids for Housekeeping Services?

    The Maids is the only housekeeping service to specialize in cleaning for health. Our unique approach to residential cleaning means we get your home clean and minimize the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses. And you can try our services in your home risk-free, so you have nothing to lose, but the cleanest home ever to gain.

    We guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent with every visit, so if you aren't pleased with an area our team cleaned, call us within 24 hours and we'll clean the area again at no charge.

    It's easy to find housekeeping services near you because The Maids has locations in over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities. There's probably a location near your neighborhood, so why not find out what healthy cleaning can mean for your home? Get a free estimate today and we'll help you find the perfect cleaning solution for your home. Your family deserves the very best home environment possible, and The Maids can make it happen.