Move-Out Cleaning

Expert Cleanup for Your Old House or Apartment Is a Smart Move.

There are few things more stressful than moving. Throw packing and planning your move on top of kids, work, school, and lack of sleep, and you may wonder how you’re going to pull it all off. Wonder no more, because The Maids offers move out cleaning all across North America.

We’ll clean up your home so you can move out with a clear conscience. You’ll have more time and enjoy a smoother move with our move out cleaning services.



Move-out cleaning



A Professional Move Out Cleaning Is Essential for Selling Your Old Home (or Getting Your Apartment Deposit Back!)


The process of moving out and all the dirty buildup can leave your old place looking a little worse for wear. From scuffs on walls and dirt in carpets to dingy bathrooms and kitchens, you don't notice how dirty things are until your old home is empty. If your empty place has you a bit overwhelmed, it's time to call in the experts.

If you rent, you already know that leaving the property in pristine, clean condition goes a long way toward getting your deposit back and securing a good future reference. Apartment move out cleaning doesn't have to be a hassle. Our professional move out house cleaners are ready to roll up their sleeves and get your old place sparkling clean, and looking new!




Last-Minute Move? Don't Sweat It—We’ve Got You Covered.

Moving is more than just packing, loading, and unpacking. You already know the benefits of having your old place professionally cleaned. But what do you do when you're out of time and ready to move?

Has your moving schedule abruptly changed? Not to worry. When you need your old home or apartment cleaned right away, we've got your back. Go ahead and pack your cleaning supplies and get a move on. For your free estimate, visit us online.

Want to Enjoy a Clean Home More Often?

Once you've settled into your new home, enjoy a cleaner apartment or house more often with our other cleaning services. From weekly maid service to spring cleaning, we've got you covered. 

Moving out 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a move out cleaning cost?

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, our move out cleaning services can help lighten your load. The Maids will handle the final cleanup in your old place so you can focus on completing your move. To ensure we create the most effective game plan for your cleaning needs and a good fit for your budget, these are some of the factors we consider when we calculate move out cleaning cost:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Number of rooms that need cleaning 
  • Type of flooring in your house 
  • Special surfaces that require unique attention such as marble or travertine
  • Overall condition of your home  
  • Number of people and pets living in your home

What is included in a move out cleaning service?

A move out cleaning service goes beyond regular housekeeping and weekly maid service. We use a proprietary 22-Step Cleaning Process and environmentally preferred tools and products. Room-by-room we dust, damp wipe, sweep, mop, scrub, and vacuum to make your old house or apartment look and feel fresh. From baseboards to ceiling fans, we have you covered with our professional move out house cleaning.

We not only get your old place clean, we also create a healthier environment while we're at it. That's because The Maids is the only move out cleaning service to clean for health specifically. Here's how we clean and disinfect while keeping our team members and future residents safe:

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces
  • Disinfect with EPA-approved products that kill viruses, including Coronavirus
  • Use clean, disinfected cleaning tools with every service
  • Screen cleaning team members daily for illness and require them to socially distance
  • Require cleaning team members to wear disposable gloves, face masks, shoe covers, and other PPE
  • We bring the dirt-busting power of our exclusive partner, Mr. Clean, along for extra cleaning muscle.

How long does a move out cleaning take?

Our team cleaning approach provides the most effective and efficient residential cleaning in the industry. While every home is different, our proven cleaning strategies help our professionally trained teams clean an average of 1,000 square feet of living space per hour. Whether you need a move out cleaning service for a one-room apartment or a large estate, we follow a comprehensive checklist for a deep, thorough cleaning.

Why do I need move out cleaning?

Do you really want to take on a cleaning marathon after all that packing and loading?
Let The Maids take care of the final cleanup so you can get a move on. You'll save time and decrease stress for a faster, easier move. If you're leaving a rental, a professional move out cleaning may be needed to get your deposit back. If you're selling your old home, nothing says "buy me" like a fresh smelling, sparkling house.

From saving time to saving money, a move out cleaning service is the perfect end to your next move. With over 180 locations, there's sure to be a location near you. Find out more about how The Maids gets homes cleaner and healthier when you get your free online estimate.