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House Cleaning Services in New Jersey

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If you haven’t made plans for this weekend yet, it’s not because the Garden State doesn’t have plenty to offer. Whether you’re from South Jersey or up around New York, from the New England coast to the highlands, there are so many great destinations and attractions. We’re sure you have your favorite restaurants, recreation areas and entertainment venues, so why wouldn’t you get out and about every weekend? Maybe you haven’t planned your weekend because you are so busy with housekeeping and other responsibilities.

Whatever you need some free time for, The Maids® in New Jersey can help you out. We provide a variety of cleaning services in New Jersey, from professional window washing to our popular holiday cleaning services. See how our maid service in New Jersey can help with your busy schedule when you give us a call today at 1-916-936-0014 and request a free quote for your home cleaning. Imagine having the time to take a day trip or just a night out and then coming home to a neat and clean house. Thanks to The Maids and our New Jersey cleaning services, you can get back to enjoying all the things that make New Jersey such a wonderful place to live.

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The Maids® of New Jersey Referred for a Reason®

Why trust The Maids with your housework? We offer the only residential cleaning services to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health by removing more dirt, pollutants and germs than conventional cleaning services. Don’t you deserve the peace of mind you’ll get with a cleaner, healthier home? That peace of mind is why we use our 22-Step Cleaning Process every time we come to clean homes in New Jersey and beyond.

The Maids uses commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to capture up to 99 percent of allergens in your home, so you and your family can breathe cleaner air. We use microfiber cloths and mops and damp wipe surfaces to remove the dirt and dust from your home. Our healthy approach also includes disinfecting common touch areas like cabinet door handles, switch plates and more to prevent the spread of germs. Maybe that’s why 96 percent of our customers would refer us to their friends and family.

Need another reason to trust The Maids? We are also the only cleaning service certified by Mr. Clean®. Trusted for over 50 years in homes almost everywhere, Mr. Clean is now our exclusive partner for house cleaning in New Jersey. Our dedicated cleaning teams love flexing the added muscle of Mr. Clean! These partners in grime get rid of more dirt and more germs than ever before, and we can’t think of a better addition to our approved cleaning products. You can trust The Maids and Mr. Clean to make your home cleaner and healthier. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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Recurring Cleaning: What would life be like if you had a professional maid service clean your home each month? Imagine what it would be like if you magically had a clean home every week! That’s what The Maids can do for you. You get a cleaner, healthier home—without the work—and more time to enjoy life.

Apartment Cleaning: Our weekly apartment maid service in New Jersey is thorough, affordable, and convenient. Apartment cleaning services are also flexible—you choose where we clean and how often for a customized clean.

Small Business Cleaning: Every location we operate across North America is a small business. Our cleaning services in New Jersey get the job done at a business-friendly cost that won’t strain your budget.

Same-Day Cleaning: Why do cleaning disasters seem to happen at the worst possible moment? When you run into a cleaning emergency that can’t wait, our experienced response team is standing by. When on-demand house cleaning in New Jersey is right around the corner, you can count on us to have your back.

One-Time Cleaning: A one-time deep cleaning is a perfect reset when your housekeeping routine goes sideways. With a single visit, our New Jersey cleaning services will leave you with a beautifully clean home and a fresh start.

Seasonal Cleaning: If you’re tired of tackling spring cleaning and fall cleanups, why not let The Maids take a load off your shoulders? Lighten your load and keep your home looking great with our seasonal cleaning services in New Jersey.

Move-Out Cleaning: When you’re ready to get a move on, you don’t have to let the final cleanup at your old home slow you down. The Maids will clean your old place, and our move-in cleaning services in New Jersey will get your new one move-in ready.

When you invest in professional cleaning services in New Jersey, you get a clean home without doing the work! Not only can you enjoy a clean home more often, but you also get more free time as a bonus. A clean home, less work, and more fun? Not bad!

We customize our professional house cleaning in New Jersey based on the size of your home and other factors. No matter your unique cleaning needs, we’ll provide a personalized cleaning plan that fits. And we make getting your customized quote for house cleaning services in New Jersey easy.

Your family deserves a clean home and a healthy environment, and that’s why our house cleaning services in New Jersey clean specifically for health. We get rid of more dirt and dust than conventional cleaning services, and we minimize the spread of germs while we do it.