It wasn’t long ago when I myself was a pregnant mother, eagerly sterilizing my home for my daughter’s expected arrival. Whether it’s the nesting instinct, or just the overwhelming need to clean, cleaning while you’re pregnant can be a challenging task. Growing bellies cause women to be off balance and more prone to slips, plus toxic fumes can be dangerous for mom and baby alike. Here are some ways that I found to make the job easier and safer for the mom-to-be.


Hard to Reach Places

Unfortunately, the dust doesn’t only settle within arms reach. For all the highs and lows of cleaning, it’s not a great idea to be climbing, stretching and bending to get to every nook and cranny, but that doesn’t mean they have to wait 9 months to get tended to. Your vacuum is your friend, and it’s not just for your carpet. Use the extender attachments for baseboards, walls and crown molding. The round brush accessory does a great job of dusting hard AND soft surfaces. Use it for your larger items like dressers, desks, doors, ceiling fans, wood and tile floors; as well as your curtains and lampshades. You may also want to purchase a telescoping dusting brush for more detailed dusting on bookshelves, or simply try wrapping a damp cloth around your mop or broom.




You obviously want to stay away from extremely harsh and toxic chemicals, however it may not be realistic to make all of your own cleaning supplies at home. You can still use the products you are comfortable with if you take extra precautions to reduce the amount of chemicals you are inhaling. Start by opening your windows to filter out the fumes. Always wear gloves (especially when you are pregnant) to avoid absorbing chemicals through your skin. For bathrooms and kitchens, pour some all-purpose cleaner into a bucket with some water and dip your sponge rather than spraying cleaner all over the place. Spraying your aerosols and cleaners directly into a cleaning cloth, sponge or paper towel will go a long way and help avoid the chemicals from constantly going into the air.



When it comes to cleaning while you’re pregnant, listen to your body and trust your senses. Rest when you are feeling sore or tired and if the smells are making you feel nauseous, it’s probably time to walk away. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s fine to recruit your family and friends to take on specific tasks until baby arrives.



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