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Make Housekeeping Fun With
These Handy Tips

August 7, 2019

Can you really make housekeeping fun? Absolutely! Housework doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore if you start with the right mindset and change your housekeeping strategy. Sure, your house may be way overdue for a deep-down cleaning, but don’t let that discourage you. First, think about all you have to gain. Cleaning, organizing and decluttering can do wonders for your mind and body. 

Besides ending up with a cleaner home, the mere act of housekeeping reduces stress, relieves anxiety and is an excellent way to get in some exercise. From creating an invigorating environment while you clean house with sights, sounds and scents to picking out some cool cleaning gear, there are plenty of ways to make housekeeping fun. When you’re ready to jump in and get your house sparkling clean, use these handy tips to take advantage of the mental and physical benefits of getting your place back in shape. 

Create a Handy Checklist

A cleaning checklist or schedule may not seem like much fun, but it can help you get organized. With a good list of what needs to be tackled, you’ll save time with housekeeping and make sure you cover all the bases. It’s also an excellent way to get everyone in the family involved because a checklist makes assigning cleaning tasks or specific rooms quick and easy. 

Get Some Fun Cleaning Gear

Whether you’re spring cleaning or taking on your regular weekly cleaning, the right cleaning tools can make all the difference. You can stock up on cleaning supplies that are fun to use and still get the job done right. Slip your feet into a pair of microfiber mop slippers and get moving on your hard surface floors like vinyl and tile. You can dance your way to cleaner floors, get a little exercise and maybe even look forward to your next fun housekeeping session.

Grab a pair of funky dish gloves or microfiber cleaning mittens disguised as cute little animals or whatever strikes your funny bone. A great way to save money, be more eco-friendly and make housekeeping fun is to get creative with homemade green cleaning solutions. Stock up on multi-colored spray bottles, grab your natural ingredients and start creating all kinds of environmentally safe cleaning sprays. 

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Turn Up the Radio

Whether you like classical, country or rock music, cranking up some tunes elevates your mood, gets your body moving and gives your brain something to do while your hands take care of the dirty work. Music takes the monotony out of boring chores as you sing, dance and twirl your way to a cleaner home. If you don’t want to turn up the music too loudly, a great idea is to put a Bluetooth speaker in your cleaning tote so that you can easily take it from room to room. 

Let’s Get Physical

Any type of movement burns calories, and house cleaning can burn plenty! You’re on your feet moving from room to room, reaching high and low to get to those out-of-the-way places and doing a lot of bending and lifting. When you approach dusting and scrubbing as a good exercise to get your blood pumping and your muscles flexing, you may be surprised just how much cardio you can squeeze into a housekeeping session. Attach a pedometer and see just how many steps you take when you clean, practice your dance moves in your mop slippers and more. 

Snack Time

Make prepping some of your favorite snacks part of every house cleaning adventure. You’ll get the satisfaction of having something to munch on and if you make healthy snacks, you’ll get even more benefits. Bring a bottle of water and natural snacks in a recloseable bag so you can grab them from your cleaning tote whenever you get hungry or thirsty. The snacks will boost your mood, keep you focused on the tasks at hand and give you more energy to have all that fun while you’re cleaning.

Make Housekeeping a Family Affair

Kids can be messy and disorganized, but with a little motivation, they can lend a helping hand with the housekeeping. Most kids don’t enjoy cleaning up, but when you involve them in the planning process and make housekeeping fun, it may surprise you how much they can get done. One of the best ways to get kids interested is to make up a game, tell a story while you clean or whatever else you can do to help them have fun and still get the job done. For younger children, a weekly chore chart that’s easy to follow and celebrates their accomplishments with some incentive is often enough to get them involved. From getting teens to clean up their rooms to bonding with your kids, there are a lot of benefits when you make housekeeping a fun family affair. 

Get Your Gameface On

Just like turning your house cleaning into a workout routine, you can make cleaning up a fun game by getting others involved. Your roommate or significant other will be much more likely to chip in if there is some fun and competition involved. Make a list of cleaning chores, assign each task a certain number of points and make your assignments. At the end of the day, the week or other timeframe you choose, add up all points and award the winner a nice prize. There are plenty of ways to structure your game, so have fun with it and get your house cleaner than ever with teamwork. 

Play Beat the Clock

This tip to make housekeeping fun combines the elements of a workout and a game. Use a timer to time yourself and others as you take on specific chores or rooms. If you or your co-cleaners are competitive by nature, just beating a previous time may be enough to keep things fun. For those who need a little incentive, reward yourself or your partners in grime with a prize like a favorite meal or some free time. To get you started charting record times with your housekeeping, check out these tips for getting rooms clean faster.  

Phone a Friend

Housekeeping can be a lonely chore if you have to do it all by yourself. It’s easy to get bored or lose focus if you’re the only one at home, so why not grab your phone and get one of your friends on speaker? Set a cleaning date ahead of time and both of you can mop and dust while you chat away. You’ll find the time passes much faster, the cleaning is less tedious and you’ll have more fun because you have someone to share the experience with you. Make sure you use a hands-free setup and keep your phone away from water and cleaning sprays.  

TV Time

A combination of phoning a friend and listening to music, make housekeeping fun by turning on the TV to catch up on your favorite shows or just for some background noise. Whether you sit down and watch and clean during commercials or listen to the show as you move from room to room, there are plenty of ways to mix in some entertainment while you get the house clean. Even if you’re sitting down and watching, you can still fold laundry and dust the immediate area. 

A Pat on the Back

Whether for yourself or the kids, after you play a game or break your cleaning record, a pat on the back is always in order. From cleaning room by room over the course of the week or you’re tackling a same-day marathon cleaning session, knowing there’s a reward for all your hard work at the end makes housekeeping more fun. Treat yourself to a manicure, let your kids watch their favorite show or make up everyone’s favorite dessert for after dinner. A little incentive can go a long way towards turning a boring chore into a fun and rewarding adventure.   

No matter how you choose to make housekeeping fun for you and your family, with some creativity and effort, you can turn dreaded tasks into activities you may just look forward to. 

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