Tips on How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Nothing invites the blessing of warm weather into your home like opening the windows and turning on the ceiling fans. Unless, of course, that invitation launches a cascade of dancing dust bunnies from fan blades that love to accumulate dirt.

Despite the height, cleaning a ceiling fan doesn’t take much. A weekly dry-dusting of your household fans will keep them dust and allergen-free and even help them run more smoothly and quietly.

Unfortunately, the topsides of ceiling fans are out of sight and therefore often out of mind. These five steps can make sure your family members and friends are not unwitting victims of gifts from above.

1. Before starting, make sure your ceiling fan and light are turned off. Turn the switch on the ceiling fan so the blades move counterclockwise, pushing the air downward.

2. Start by removing any cobwebs and dust on the ceiling around the fan with a microfiber cloth.

3. Once the light bulbs have cooled, remove the globe or globes and place them in a sink of soapy, warm water. To protect the fixture from breaking, place a dish cloth or towel in the bottom of the sink.

4. While the globes soak, swipe the fan blades with a microfiber cloth to minimize swirling dust. If the dust is thick, dampen the cloth with an all-purpose cleaner or spray lightly. Be careful not to spray near the ceiling fan motor.

5. After cleaning the blades, rinse out and dry off the globes and replace them with new light bulbs.

By deep cleaning your ceiling fans every month or two, you can afford to simply dry dust them weekly and still keep up with the dust and allergens. Having a clean ceiling fan not only helps out allergy sufferers, but also helps diminish any noise, wobbling or motor issues caused by build-up of dust and other particles.

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