To some, the thought of spilling fingernail polish is like a bad dream. In fact, when I paint my fingernails, I put down layers and layers of protection for that very reason. Because fingernail polish tends to be so brightly colored, the thought of it lingering on my favorite beige couch or white carpet is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Or maybe it’s because that stubborn gooey liquid seems impossible to remove and the so called “remover” of fingernail polish can do just about as much damage to furniture as the spill itself.

Although getting out fingernail polish can be an arduous task, there are steps to take to get rid of the spill and get your carpet or fabric looking like new. How you remove the stain depends on where you spilled the polish. Here are a few options to get your furniture looking as clean and polished as your nails:

Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes


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Cleaning Fingernail Polish From Carpet

How do you get nail polish out of carpet? By acting quickly. The sooner you start to get the stain out the better. First, you’ll need to get as much of the excess polish off of the carpet as possible, especially if it’s a fast-acting dry polish. Blot gently and don’t rub, as you want to make sure you don’t make the stain larger by spreading it around.

If you have light colored carpet, a non-acetone remover is your best bet in getting the polish removed. Place a small amount on a cloth or sponge and blot the stain until no color remains. If your carpet is dark or has a variety of colors, you must be careful as to not remove the dye from the carpet. Using hairspray or rubbing alcohol to remove the stain may be a safer option, if you’d like to try that first. You can also try hydrogen peroxide using a small dropper and blotting out the paint with a cloth.

Removing Nail Polish From Fabric or Upholstery

You were sitting on your couch painting your nails and somehow that lovely hot pink color you were so fond of is now dripping down the side of your light gray loveseat. Again, by acting quickly you have the best chance of removing the stain for good. When removing nail polish from fabric you’ll need to make sure that if you use nail polish remover it won’t harm the fabric itself. (Sometimes it will actually dissolve the fabric, so spot testing is a must!) If you have access to a dry cleaning solvent, try that first. If you still need help getting the stain out, apply some hydrogen peroxide to the area and blot gently. Then apply water with a sponge to remove any remaining residue and gently dry with a clean cloth.

How To Get Fingernail Polish Out Of Clothes

The fabric you’re mostly likely to spill nail polish on is your clothing. Whether it’s your pants or sweater, getting nail polish out of clothes can be a challenge. First off all, you might want to put that bottle of nail polish remover down. The chemicals in the remover can have an adverse reaction with certain fabric dyes. Try using hair spray on the stain or use a dry cleaning solvent. If you spilled on white clothing, use hydrogen peroxide to gently bleach the stain away. Once you’re done getting rid of the stain, launder your clothes as usual.

Once the stain is gone, take a deep breath and remind yourself that when painting your nails, an easy-to-clean surface such as your bathroom floor may be your best bet.

If you find yourself stressing about giving your home a good clean after the stain, just give The Maids a call at 1-800-THE-MAIDS or start your estimate now. We’re more than ready to give you a helping hand.

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