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How to Organize
Your Kitchen Cabinets

February 19, 2018

The kitchen has always been a focal point in many homes. But since the on-set of Covid-19, kitchens have been transformed into work from home offices and a designated area for homeschooling, making an organized kitchen that much more desirable. As we spend more time indoors, things can start to feel a little cramped when we’re putting together a meal. Use the tips below to learn how to organize kitchen cabinets and kick the extra clutter to the curb. You’ll enjoy a better cooking experience and create a welcoming space for guests.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas to Prevent Clutter

Just like in personal health, one of the most important things you can do to find your ideal equilibrium is to assess your bad habits. When it comes to kitchen clutter, it’s likely one (or, let’s face it, all) of these preventable habits:

  • Dumping the day’s debris onto the countertops, where it serves as the base for tomorrow’s layer.
  • Purchasing one-use appliances and tools that realistically get used once or twice in their (or your) lifetime.
  • Holding on to plastic far beyond its useful purpose, especially mismatched lids, containers, and free drink cups.
  • Having three times more forks, knives, and spoons than you would ever need for even your largest get-together.

What you can do right now: Vow to not introduce anything new to the kitchen for 30 days. That includes today’s mail.

  • Pipeline your paperwork by developing a system to sort paperwork before it hits your kitchen. Give bills and action-items a designated spot and toss recyclable junk mail instantly into the bin.
  • Simplify your tools. Think about your cooking, eating, and entertaining habits over the past six months to a year. Resist the urge to hold on to any cooking item you haven’t used recently.
  • Purge all those plastic containers and cups that are crowding your “real” glasses and dishes. Keep only as many storage containers that you can reasonably fit in your refrigerator.
  • Also on the purge list? Mismatched glassware, plates, the ugly bowl from Aunt Verna, and the pilsners you rarely use.

What you can do right now: All the kitchen cabinet organization ideas above. Do it one cabinet and drawer at a time and be merciless. Remember: You don’t have to be prepared for everything.

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The Best Way To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you aren’t introducing anything new and you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, it’s time to get those kitchen cabinets organized. Would it surprise you to know that kitchen storage and organization tops the list for kitchen remodel must-haves? Here are some kitchen organization tools people want most:

  • Cutlery and utensil organizers
  • Deep drawer organizers
  • Pull-out waste and recycling cabinets
  • Wine and glass storage
  • Cookie sheets and similar kitchenware

It turns out that function wins out over fashion when it comes to our kitchens. But you don’t have to remodel to get organized! You just need some field-tested tips for the best way to organize kitchen cabinets.

Go vertical.

Use a cutting board organizer in a cabinet to store large, flat cookware and serveware on their sides. Storing these items vertically saves space, protects your dishes, and makes it easy to find what you need. For a customized storage solution, install tension rods in a cabinet to store your bakeware and trays.

Put a different spin on your storage.

Turntables are a kitchen storage revelation. Turntables with one or more levels are perfect for storing spices, condiments, and cooking oils. You’ll make the most of your cabinet space and spend less time searching for your favorites. You might even consider installing a whole cabinet turntable and using it as a miniature pantry!

Set your pots and pans free.

If you’ve always stored your pots and pans in a cabinet, they’re taking up a lot of room you could use for better organization. Consider a hanging rack above a kitchen island, hooks on the side of a cabinet, or a pot rack mounted to the wall. Your cookware will be more accessible and you’ll create plenty of extra room in your kitchen cabinets.

Give cups and mugs somewhere to hang out.

Hanging mugs and cups from hooks attached to the undersides of kitchen cabinet shelves makes the most of the unused space above dishes. This kitchen organization tip frees up a lot of cabinet space.

Removing all you don’t need, being able to see and find what you do, and optimizing the cabinet space you have—that’s what makes an organized kitchen.

What you can do right now: Keep up the good work and enjoy a kitchen that is easier to use and easier to clean. And then use this as momentum to declutter your closet.

Imagine having a kitchen that is organized and clean day after day. Now that you know how to organize your kitchen, The Maids is ready to clean that kitchen and every room in your home. Get your free estimate today and find out just how affordable weekly maid service can be.

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