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How to Organize Shoes: Top
10 Shoe Storage Ideas

December 14, 2021

Why hire a professional organizer for your shoe closet when our shoe closet ideas make doing it yourself affordable, easy, and fun? Learning how to organize shoes isn’t hard—you start with a clean slate, evaluate your storage options, and make the most of your available space. The result is less clutter and the peace of mind that comes with getting things organized.

Thanks to the internet, you can find plenty of shoe storage ideas in blog posts like this and on popular DIY social media sites. The key to a successful shoe storage makeover is to pick a method that works for your space and makes it easy to find every pair of shoes.

But first, we need to do a little housekeeping. Like any good organization strategy, our plan for how to organize shoes starts with decluttering and sorting.

The Best Way to Organize Shoes

Take an objective approach and follow these steps to get your shoes organized and ready for their new storage locations:

Take Inventory

  • Pull out all your shoes and toss the shoes you no longer like to the side.
  • Sort the remaining shoes into pairs, examining them as you go.
  • Create a new pile for shoes that are beyond repair or too worn.

Now you’re down to shoes you like, even if some need a little work. Pull any damaged shoes out of your pile and put them to the side. Then sort your remaining shoes like winter boots and summer sandals for seasonal storage. The last group will be your dressier shoes like heels.

Purge, Repair, and Clean

Put the shoes you don’t like in a box so you can take them to a second-hand clothing store or charity.

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  • Take your damaged shoes to a repair shop or fix them up yourself later on.
  • Wipe any dust and dirt from the shoes you’re keeping and throw away the rest.

Select Your Organizers

When you’re learning how to organize shoes in a closet, the right shoe storage ideas will depend on the number of shoes and the amount of space available. If you’re learning how to organize shoes in a small closet, start listing alternative storage locations like under the bed and deciding what kind of containers you can use.

10 Shoe Storage Ideas That Make Shoe Organization Simple

Learning how to organize your shoes includes choosing the best storage locations. If you know you have more shoes than closet space, you may want to store your favorites at the front. For dressier shoes, consider storing them up high on a shelf to keep them safe and sound. You can store out-of-season shoes in another closet or under your bed.

Closet Shoe Storage Ideas

Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Over-the-door storage has been one of the most popular storage hacks for years. Depending on the product, you can store up to 30 pairs of shoes without taking up valuable floor space—and since most of these organizers are transparent, you can find the shoes you’re after fast.

Clothes Rod Shoe Organizer

If your closet doesn’t have a swinging door, it might be hard to find a door storage option that fits. A clothes rod shoe organizer is an excellent alternative that saves space and fits right in with your hanging clothes.

Cubicle Shoe Storage

Cute and colorful 4×4 cubbies are ideal for slides, flats, and even sneakers, and they add a touch of decor to your closet. Since these cubicles are usually stackable, you can configure several of them to fit your available closet space.

Shoe Boxes

If you keep your shoe boxes, they are the perfect way to store your shoes safely and keep them organized. If you don’t keep your shoe boxes, clear shoe-size containers with lids are inexpensive and make finding a pair quick and easy.

Book Cabinet

If you have a wide closet that isn’t very deep, a small bookshelf can make a stylish and practical shoe storage unit. Choose a second-hand book cabinet and restore it for a unique look that dresses up your closet.

Rolling Shoe Rack

Traditional rolling shoe racks can store your shoes inside the closet or out. Your typical rolling shoe racks won’t win any decorating awards, but they make up for it with their practicality and mobility. You can store these racks in a closet, behind a door, or any number of out-of-the-way places.

Creative Shoe Storage Options

Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizers

Clear, under-bed bins with lids aren’t only for clothes and holiday decorations—they’re also a safe and space-friendly option for storing out-of-season shoes. The lids will keep out dust and dirt, and the clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside.

Boot Storage Rack

Consider putting a boot storage rack near an exterior door if you have a mudroom or space in your laundry room. This shoe storage solution frees up room in your shoe closet and keeps dirty shoes from tracking in dirt and debris.

DIY Ladder Shoe Organizer

A decorative and easy way to create extra shoe storage is to use boards and an old wooden ladder that folds open. With a few tools and basic instructions, you can build a unique shoe storage system and give it a fresh coat of paint in no time.

Custom Shoe Cart

Create a one-of-a-kind rolling shoe cart using an old bar or gardening cart. These carts usually have multiple shelves and other storage. With a bit of paint and creativity, you can create extra shoe storage that also enhances your decor.

Learning how to organize shoes helps keep down the clutter in your closets and makes finding the shoes you want to wear easy. Now that you’ve gotten your shoes in order, why not get the whole closet organized? Whether you use our housekeeping guides to do it yourself or bring in The Maids to clean up, we’re here to make your life easier. Get a free online estimate to see how affordable it can be to enjoy a clean home more often.

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