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I know I’m not alone when I say that this past winter has been BRUTAL. It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States, it seems the entire country, from its human residents to the shivering birds to the shy daffodils, is pleading for spring and sunshine and warmth, at least for more than two days at a time.

The harshness of this particular winter has me all the more aware of the biology of hibernating, of collecting and storing and succumbing to the clutter. We all carry so much more than we need to, whether it is stuff, or emotions, or calories, or expectations. In this post, I invite you to let go of as much as you can in order to let spring in the way nature intended.

Release the “Just In Case”: Have the hard talk with your skinny jeans. Break up with the books you’ve purchased, but never read (and probably never will). Refuse to feel like a failure; instead, see it as an opportunity to share something with others.

Release the “No”: Sometimes it’s not about clothing or books. Sometimes we are just as guilty of collecting responsibilities and action items and lengthy to do lists. And the weight of those things can be heavier than the ill-suited couch you keep pushing around your living room. Tackle what you can, delegate what you can’t, and find some air in the space above your shoulders. Saying no is not a crime; it’s an opening for someone else to step in and shine.

Release unfinished business: Sewing projects and broken toys and ill-fitting clothes are working hard against your sanity. When you surround yourself with so many things that need attention, your energy gets tied up in what you haven’t done instead of what you have accomplished. Commit to either immediately tackling the project or finally accepting that those toys, projects, and confidence-depleting wardrobe items do not deserve space in your life.

Release the Do-It-Yourselfer: Sometimes you need help. Sometimes you need a babysitter. Someone to help cook. Someone to help clean. There is no shame in that. Imagine yourself if you had a team supporting you, build that team, and make a point to be a member of someone else’s village using the strengths that revitalize (and not drain) you.

Open your windows, your heart, and your mind, and commit to setting your emotional, mental, and physical clutter free. Your days will be brighter, your air easier to breathe, and your sky will be easier to find. And you can embrace spring with everything you were meant to.

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