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Cleaning With Pre-Spring Cleaning!

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March 19, 2022

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If a messy house keeps you from hosting play dates or neighborhood coffees or book clubs, cringe no more. The Maids has been cleaning and disinfecting for more than 40 years, so we know a thing or two about house cleaning. We know that tackling big projects like seasonal cleaning requires the right tools, some muscle, and learning how to prepare for spring.

If you want to know how to do spring cleaning the easy way, read on to find out when to start spring cleaning and what you need to check, fix, and clean.

Things to Do Before Spring Cleaning

Every battle strategy begins with thoughtful and organized preparation, and the war against dirt and germs is no different. If you want to jump into spring without wasting weekends on those spring cleaning marathons, we’ve got the solution—pre-spring cleaning!

Most of us are familiar with spring cleaning, but did you know that pre-spring cleaning can make seasonal cleanups much more manageable? There are plenty of areas around your home you can tackle well before the first sign of spring.

Use your spring cleaning list for handling the deep cleaning and airing out, but kick things off early with our pre-spring cleaning and maintenance tasks. Start with maintenance and move on to the cleaning for a beautiful, summer-ready home.

First Things First: Pre-Spring Maintenance

When you’re figuring out how to do spring cleaning the fastest and easiest way, you’re also learning to keep your home in good shape. Winter is the perfect time to get started on your indoor pre-spring maintenance. Tackle the inside first and when a warm day comes along, begin working on the outside.


Maintaining your HVAC unit on a regular basis improves its efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs. Clear any debris on or surrounding your HVAC, and change the air filters. Clean the coils and make sure the fins are straight.

Fire and Toxic Air Safety

Test smoke, carbon monoxide, and other detectors in your house. Replace the batteries with new ones and replace any units that no longer work. Give the covers a good cleaning and vacuum any dust build-up inside. Check fire extinguishers to make sure they’re ready for action, and vacuum dust around the water heater pilot lights.

Doors and Windows

Inspect your windows and doors for air leaks before winter sets in and address any issues with weather-stripping and other solutions. This fix will help immediately by keeping out the cold and reducing heating bills. When spring and summer arrive, you’ll stay cooler and save money on your cooling costs. Inspect storm windows and screens for damage and make plans to get them fixed.

Roof and Gutters

Snow, ice, and water can damage gutters and roofs during the harsh winter months. Inspect your roof and gutters as soon as winter weather starts wrapping up. Check for loose shingles, clogged downspouts, and other issues. Using a broom or blower, clear off any debris on the roof and then clean the gutters to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Yard and Exterior

If you have a sprinkler system, inspect the valves, lines, and sprinkler heads. When you find any issues, make plans to have them fixed. Check your outside faucets and pipes to ensure there is no freeze damage and that everything is working properly. If you have outdoor lighting, test the sensors and replace any burnt-out bulbs.

Pre-Spring Cleaning List

Now that your home is operating on all cylinders, it’s time to clean up. Proper pre-spring cleaning is all about taking advantage of being stuck in the house during cold weather. Anything you can clean that doesn’t involve raising windows, opening exterior doors, or going outside is fair game.

Declutter First

When you’re prepping for your upcoming spring cleaning, decluttering is essential. Spend some time purging and organizing your closets, drawers, and other storage areas to clear out as much useless stuff as possible. You’ll feel better while you’re still cooped up, and you’ll set the stage for an easier spring cleaning. Be sure to set things aside for donating if there is any life left in them.

Kitchen Clean-Up

Kitchen cabinets, drawers, and other storage areas are notorious for harboring stuff most of us never use. Now is the perfect time to reclaim your kitchen and some much-needed storage space. Be ruthless in your purge, and you may be surprised just how much space you can find.

Wipe down walls, remove cobwebs, clean the ceiling fan, light fixtures, and cabinet doors. Pull out the fridge, clean behind it, and vacuum dust from the coils and compressor. Give your kitchen floors a deep cleaning and move on to the laundry room.

Laundry Room

It’s time to give that neglected laundry room—and the washer and dryer—a good cleaning. Wipe down shelves, counters, and cabinet doors. If possible, pull out the washer and dryer and clean behind them. At the very least, it’s critical to vacuum any lint build-up behind the dryer, so use your vacuum wand to get back there. Sweep or vacuum the floor, wash the baseboards, and give your washer and dryer a deep cleaning.

All the Other Rooms

You’ll be cleaning your living room, den, bedrooms, and other rooms many times before spring arrives. But if you take care of some of the things that aren’t a part of your regular cleaning, then your spring cleaning list will be that much shorter.

  • Clean any cobwebs from corners
  • Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and anything else up high or out of reach
  • Clean switch plates and disinfect them
  • Give the bathroom a sparkling shine
  • In the bedroom, declutter and vacuum or sweep under the bed
  • Spot-clean any carpets that are showing stains or dirt

There you have it. With your handy cleaning checklist and this guide, you now know how and when to do spring cleaning with less work. Enjoy hot cocoa by the fire and snuggle up on the couch with the satisfaction of knowing you’re already a step ahead. When warm weather rolls in, you should only have a few projects left and a good jump on your spring cleaning.

If you want to skip the pre-spring cleaning, the spring cleaning, or cleaning in general, we have a solution. You can count on The Maids for support with big cleaning projects, weekly maid service, or even a one-time deep cleaning. Find out how we can help you enjoy a clean home all year round without all the work when you get your free online estimate.

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