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Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips: A
Checklist from The Maids

January 2, 2018

Between your regular maid service, you want your kitchen stay as spotless as possible.  We get it. That’s why we’ve compiled this checklist chock-full of kitchen cleaning tips to help save you time and keep your home cleaner in the process. Get out your favorite cleaning products, turn the music up and follow our house cleaning checklist.

You’ll need the following cleaning supplies:

  • Disinfectant cleaner
  • Scrub brush
  • Oven cleaner (for non-self-cleaning ovens)
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Small paintbrush
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Latex or rubber gloves to protect hands

 WASH AND DISINFECT GARBAGE CAN – Spray the inside of the can with a disinfectant cleaner that kills bacteria and neutralizes odors. Let sit according to the directions on the bottle, then scrub the can with a nylon brush. Wipe down the outside with a cloth or nylon scrubber dipped in hot water and heavy-duty cleaning solution. Rinse and let air dry. If possible, let it dry in the sun, as the heat helps get rid of mold

WIPE OUT CUPBOARDS AND DRAWERS – Remove every item and wipe, inside and out, with warm, soapy water. Consider running organizing units, such as silverware sorters, and seldom-used items through the dishwasher before putting them back to remove any thin layers of grime. Tackling these a cupboard at a time, in short bursts, will make it seem like a less daunting task.

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HOW TO CLEAN OVEN – For all types of ovens, keep the windows open for ventilation when cleaning, and ask everyone to clear out of the kitchen area. For self-cleaners, follow your oven’s directions. Be sure to remove the racks and wash them and the door. For non-self-cleaning ovens, spray with oven cleaner and follow the directions on the label, or spray with a solution of about four tablespoons baking soda to one liter of water, and let it sit an hour. Use a vinyl or plastic pot scraper to remove any baked-on foods, then spray with a vinegar and water solution (1:1 ratio). Repeat as needed.

CLEAN REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER – Remove all the items from your freezer, getting rid of anything that’s expired or freezer-burned, and turn off the unit (defrost if necessary). Then clean with a small amount of a mild detergent, dish soap or vinegar. For the fridge, empty completely and toss old food (check expiration dates on condiments). Take out any bins or shelving and wash separately, then wipe down the walls, inside the door and fixed shelves.

ORGANIZE PANTRY – Pull everything out and toss whatever’s old or expired. Wipe shelves with warm, soapy water and replace items, grouping them in categories with the largest in the back.

There you have it. Everything you need on how to clean your kitchen. Or you could check out the services we offer, and let us do the dirty work.


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