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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: Tips and Tricks
From a Professional Maid Service

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December 18, 2018

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When you go out of town or on vacation and stay at a hotel, what is one of the first areas you check out? If it’s the bathroom, then you are in good company. For many of us, the cleanliness of a hotel bathroom seems to often determine how we perceive the overall cleanliness of our room. Maybe it’s because the bathroom is typically a privately used area and all that tile and porcelain makes even the smallest speck of dirt stand out. Whatever the reason, for many of us, if the bathroom is sparkling clean, then we usually feel pretty good about the rest of the room.

Your guests and relatives probably judge your bathroom, and your home, the same way!

“But that’s not fair!” you say? After all, you don’t have a professional house cleaning service at your disposal every day, and you have a lot of other cleaning chores besides the bathrooms. We get it, but that doesn’t change the fact that, for better or worse, how clean your bathrooms are says a lot about you and your home. Now before you get too defensive, we’re sure Aunt Claire would never really say anything about that lingering odor or dingy tile. But she is thinking about it!

And we’re not suggesting you clean your bathrooms every day like those nice hotels. We’re saying that just maybe you could use some tips and tricks from the pros. You know, the professional maid service folks that clean those hotel rooms every day or your local maid service that everyone recommends. While it’s easy to get tips and tricks for bathroom cleaning, there’s nothing like getting the real-world advice from a professional.  

A Professional Maid Service Just Cleans Bathrooms Differently

Between mildew and mold stains, stray hairs and those all too often lingering odors, bathroom cleaning is not something most of us look forward to fondly. We like the idea of a sparkling clean, fresh-smelling, shiny bathroom but we don’t like the cleaning. The good news is that you can get that clean, sanitized bathroom you love quicker and easier by following some good advice from professional maids.  

A professional bathroom cleaning service has something that most of us simply don’t have, and that’s the extensive experience. While some of us can boast that we deep clean our bathrooms every week, the pros put us to shame. Many of them clean more bathrooms in a month than most of us clean in a year! All that experience means that professional maids know how to clean quickly and thoroughly and they know tips and tricks to create beautifully clean bathrooms every time.

Not only do professional cleaners know all those “pro tips” and the very best cleaning supplies and methods, but they also follow a proven plan for making the most out of every bathroom cleaning. So without further delay, here is the step-by-step plan we put together to help you clean your bathroom like a pro. Aunt Claire is going to be so proud!

The Professional Maid Service-Inspired Exclusive Bathroom Cleaning Plan

First, keep in mind that a great cleaning plan starts with the right tools and the right cleaning supplies. Your cleaning supply list should include antibacterial sprays, disinfectants, glass cleaner, an assortment of microfiber cloths, some non-scratch scrubbers, sponges and a vacuum cleaner. That’s right, a vacuum cleaner!

Step 1

Dust and vacuum. Working from top to bottom, dust light fixtures, shelves and anything else that collects dust with a microfiber cloth. Then vacuum any crevices and other tight spaces and finally the floor. This dusting and vacuuming is the first step because it removes much of the dust, dirt and inevitable hair to get it all out of your way for the rest of the cleaning plan. Now you won’t be moving dust and hair from one part of the bathroom to another as you clean.

Step 2

Heat things up. Heating tile and the porcelain in a bathroom tub just 10 degrees above the normal air temperature can increase the effectiveness of certain cleaners like those with alkaline. Professional maids fill the bottom of the tub with a couple of inches of the hottest water possible and let it sit for a few minutes. The hot water heats the porcelain and ceramic tile enough to help the cleaner be more effective.

Step 3

Turn the antibacterial spray loose. Drain the tub and then spray antibacterial cleaner on the tub, tile wall, sink, walls, toilet and finally the floor. Heck, just spray it everywhere! Always be sure to work from top to bottom to keep the spray from getting all over you while you complete this step. Disinfectant is great for killing germs, but not so good for you!Step 4

Ensure complete coverage. Make sure the antibacterial spray is spread across all surfaces by using a microfiber cloth or sponge dedicated to the task. Pay close attention to cracks and crevices and get as much of the cloth, and the disinfectant, into them as possible.

Step 5

Take a break. No, not for you. This break is for giving the disinfectant time to do its job. Giving antibacterial spray enough time to kill the majority of germs and bacteria is a critical step that many non-pros miss. Disinfectants need contact time to work effectively. You should always let your antibacterial sit on the bathroom surfaces for five to seven minutes. So sit back and let the disinfectant do its job until it’s time for the next step.

Step 6

Scrub. You knew this was coming, pro or not! Use a soft scrub brush or non-scratch abrasive pad to scrub every inch of the tub and tiles. Yes, every inch. For those hard-to-remove grey streaks, Magic Erasers work very well.

Step 7

Rinse and repeat. Just kidding, you just have to rinse! This may be the most important step of all because the chemicals in many cleaners are designed to attract dirt and grime. If you don’t rinse everything very thoroughly, you are just inviting more dirt right back into your freshly cleaned bathroom.

Step 8

Dry it up! Use clean, dry cloths to dry all surfaces thoroughly. Keep in mind that it’s important to designate a specific cloth or sponge for separate cleaning tasks, wet or dry, to prevent the spread of germs. By using color-coded cloths for cleaning, like blue for glass and yellow for the toilet, you don’t risk drying the toilet and then drying the sink with the same cloth.

Step 9

Get that shine on. Spray the mirror and any glass surfaces with glass cleaner. Clean thoroughly and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Step 10

Floor it! The last step before you can say you’re a “pro” is to rinse, wipe and dry the floor. That’s right, there’s no room for mops on this cleaning expedition. It’s just you, the floor and the cloths in your hands left to finish off your beautifully clean bathroom.

If you followed this professional 10-step plan in your bathroom, we bet you have the cleanest, freshest-smelling bathroom you have ever seen! You may not be ready for the bathroom cleaning Olympics or even a career with a professional maid service, but you are definitely ready for Aunt Claire’s next visit. Since you probably aren’t going to give your bathroom a professional cleaning too often, with a little in-between cleanings maintenance, you can keep your bathroom looking great all the time.

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