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Sparkling Success: Your 5-Star
Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

August 16, 2023

Managing your own Airbnb can be a rewarding and profitable experience. Whether you rent out your house or apartment to help pay for a vacation home or solely as a business, the benefits are many. Your Airbnb rental rates will typically be more than enough to cover a mortgage, maintenance, and operations as long as you keep the bookings rolling. According to AllTheRooms, Airbnb listings with 51 to 100 reviews earn an average of around $21,000 per year!

So how do you keep the bookings coming and build your number of reviews? First, understand we’re talking about good reviews. You don’t want bad reviews for any aspect of your Airbnb rental, especially for things you could prevent (like clutter and cleanliness). A bad review here and there won’t have too much impact if you have plenty of good ones to tip the scales. Good reviews increase your Airbnb rankings, leading to increased visibility in searches and more bookings.

Why Cleanliness Matters for Airbnb Hosts

The first thing most of us notice when we arrive at a rental or other accommodation is how clean it is—and your guests do the same. Airbnb guests expect a clean so thorough they can see, smell, and feel it. Those expectations mean your rental must be spotless from corner to corner and top to bottom. Cleanliness matters for Airbnb hosts because it matters for their guests—and they’re the ones who can make or break an Airbnb endeavor. Here’s why a professional Airbnb cleaning service or at least an Airbnb cleaning checklist is essential for good reviews.

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First Impressions

When guests walk through the door of your Airbnb rental, they want to experience a freshly cleaned aroma and a sparkling shine. They also expect the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms to be immaculate and clean. Nothing sets the tone for an Airbnb experience better than a stellar first impression, so always use an Airbnb house cleaning checklist.

5-Star Reviews

If your guests arrive to find an incredibly clean and comfortable space with no surprises, you’re halfway home to a 5-Star review. Think about it. If you book a rental and the experience starts off with a negative vibe, everything that happens after that will be tainted. That’s how your guests feel too. Put them in a positive mood from the beginning when you use an Airbnb cleaning checklist.

Repeat Bookings

Accurate descriptions and host communications are always essential for hosting success. But when guests also find your Airbnb clean and comfortable, they are more likely to rent from you again. Customers who use the Airbnb platform often appreciate a no-worry stay and will even recommend your rental to people they know.

To reap the benefits of positive Airbnb reviews and grow your income, nothing is more critical than your rental’s cleanliness. When you follow a proven Airbnb cleaning checklist, your rental will be consistently clean booking after booking.

Top-to-Bottom Airbnb Cleaning Guide

A comprehensive Airbnb cleaning guide should cover all the bases, including what to clean and what to clean it with. A few tips and tricks are always welcome, of course! If you want to learn how to clean an Airbnb like the pros, an Airbnb cleaner checklist and a few tips and tricks can make it happen. Here’s a room-by-room breakdown for a 5-Star Airbnb cleaning.


  • Dust light fixtures and the ceiling fan.
  • Wash any dirty dishes, then clean and disinfect the sink.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces, including counters, tables, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts.
  • Disinfect places that harbor germs, like cabinet handles, light switches, and drawer pulls.
  • Clean appliances inside and out, including countertop appliances like coffee makers.
  • Wash the windows, including the frames and sills.
  • Vacuum the corners and beside, beneath, and behind appliances.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Remove the trash, wash the trash can, then line it with a fresh bag.


  • Dust light fixtures, wall hangings, window sills, and decor.
  • Remove dirty towels and other laundry to wash.
  • Use a vacuum attachment to clean the exhaust fan and the floor and ceiling corners.
  • Shine mirrors and faucets with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.
  • Scrub and disinfect countertops, backsplashes, and vanities.
  • Clean and disinfect the tub and shower.
  • Scrub the toilet, including behind the bowl and tank, then disinfect the entire unit.
  • Empty the trash can, then wash, disinfect, and reline.
  • Sweep and polish the floor.


  • Remove and wash the mattress protector, blankets, and all bedding.
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Dust all surfaces like furniture and decor.
  • Clean windows, including the sill and frame.
  • Disinfect frequently touched items and areas like switch plates and remotes.
  • Use vacuum attachments to vacuum draperies.
  • Damp wipe dust and dirt from window blinds.
  • Vacuum carpet and sweep and mop hardwood floors, including underneath the bed and other furniture.
  • Empty trash cans and wash them, then put them in a fresh trash bag.
  • Make the bed with fresh linens and other bedding.

Living Room

  • Damp wipe ceiling fans, light fixtures, furniture, and electronics./li>
  • Dust decor and knickknacks./li>
  • Clean windows and sliding doors, including the frames and sills./li>
  • Disinfect light switches, remotes, and other frequently touched items./li>
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture, including cushions and pillows./li>
  • Wash any throw blankets./li>
  • Vacuum or sweep and mop the floor.

Dining Room

  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, then work your way down, dusting all surfaces, including baseboards.
  • Damp wipe the table, including the lets, then the chairs, and in between spindles
  • Wash tablecloths and other dining linens.
  • Disinfect light switches, cabinet handles, and other commonly touched areas.
  • Use your vacuum attachment to vacuum beneath furniture and the corners of the ceiling and floor.
  • Move the table and chairs to the side and vacuum or sweep and mop the floor.
  • Use furniture polish to give a wooden dining table a shine or glass cleaner if it’s glass.

Follow an Airbnb cleaning checklist each time you clean and keep your Airbnb rental 5-Star worthy. And if you find yourself in a pinch or want to ensure an immaculate clean every time, call in the pros. The Maids delivers 5-Star healthy cleaning services for Airbnbs across the U.S., and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Make managing your Airbnb easier when you get your free quote today.

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