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How to Clean
an Airbnb Fast

August 16, 2023

Keeping your Airbnb clean is critical for providing guests with the best experience and getting a 5-Star review. If you’ve been an Airbnb host for any length of time, you already know cleaning can take a while. Sometimes you barely have enough time between guests to get the place as clean as it should be.

So how do you deliver a sparkling clean Airbnb at the end of every stay and reduce the time it takes to clean? You learn how to clean an Airbnb fast from the pros at The Maids and long-time Airbnb hosts! Just check out our cleaning checklist for your Airbnb. First, though, it’s imperative that you understand how cleanliness can make or break your Airbnb business.

The Impact of Cleanliness on Airbnb Hosting

Cleanliness is the single most significant rating category for Airbnb hosts. As a guest, you likely notice the cleanliness and tidiness of your rental or hotel room right off the bat—your guests do the same. So what if you get a Four-Star review for cleanliness once in a while? You know your rental is clean enough most of the time, right?

Consider how Airbnb cleanliness rating affects the bottom line. According to an Intellihost study, an Airbnb rental with a 4.5 Star average rating does 42 percent less revenue than a rental with a 4.9 Star average rating. That .4 star difference for a typical Airbnb could reduce yearly earnings by $6,000 or more.

Maintaining a clean Airbnb is essential to the success of your business. But how to clean an Airbnb fast and still deliver a 5-Star clean?

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Tips to Speed Up Your Airbnb Cleaning Process

As long as your Airbnb meets the high standards of most guests for cleanliness, it doesn’t matter how long a cleaning takes, does it? Yes, it does. When you know how to clean a house fast and efficiently, the faster you can accept the next reservation.

Our cleaning teams have cleaned many Airbnbs, and they always follow a proven strategy to get in, get it sparkling clean, and get out. Experienced Airbnb hosts often do the same. Here are the best tips from both for cleaning your rental faster.

Create a Cleaning Strategy

Even the most fastidious cleaner can miss a spot, so use a customized cleaning strategy for your Airbnb every time. Remember, your guests expect a level of cleanliness in their apartment or house above the typical rental or hotel room. Those expectations mean you can’t afford to miss anything. To get you started, here’s a cleaning checklist for your Airbnb and the top Airbnb cleaning hacks from the field.

Start With the Laundry

Professional Airbnb cleaners know their stuff, and most say the first cleaning step should always be the laundry. Sort sheets, bedspreads, pillow covers, towels, and other laundry, then get the washer going. Laundry is a big chunk of the Airbnb cleaning process. Getting it out of the way at the beginning jump-starts the cleaning and clears clutter to make other chores easier.

Tackle High-Traffic Areas First

Once the laundry is washing, the focus is on high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Your guests use these areas the most, so they are likely to be the dirtiest. Those areas are also the first places your guests could notice missed dirt or dust.

Kitchen Cleaning

Experienced cleaning pros work from the top down and follow a cleaning checklist for an Airbnb kitchen. Dusting and cleaning start at the ceiling fan or light fixture and end at the floor. Because of the germs created when prepping and cooking, disinfecting the counters and other surfaces is critical.

Bathroom Cleaning

More than one Airbnb cleaner swears by the hands-and-knees approach to cleaning a bathroom. It may not be your first choice, but literally getting down on your hands and knees gives you a better vantage point for cleaning. A scrub brush and microfiber cloth are enough to clean the floors and fixtures by hand, and it’s less likely you’ll miss a stray hair.

Living Room and Dining Room Cleaning

Next up are the communal areas like living rooms and dining rooms. A quick decluttering before cleaning will make the process easier and more efficient. Dust with dry microfiber cloths, then damp-wipe to remove dust from the rental. Professional cleaners don’t skimp on equipment, and neither should you. If possible, use a vacuum with HEPA filtration to remove airborne pollutants for cleaner air and a fresh aroma. Sweep the floors and vacuum the carpet, and you’re done.

Bedroom Cleaning

Bedrooms can require extra freshening as well as cleaning. Open the windows and turn on the ceiling fan. The bedding is already in the laundry, so start high and work your way down to the floors. Vacuum the mattress and remember to dust decorative items and pictures. Ensure no dust bunnies or belongings are hiding under the bed, and when the laundry finishes, make the bed with fresh linens.
Put these Airbnb cleaning guidelines to work in your rental unit. Your guests will be happier, your ratings higher, and your bottom line healthier. For more cleaning tips and tricks, check out our handy cleaning guides.

How Professional Cleaning Services Can Make Your Airbnb More Profitable

Want to really know how to clean an Airbnb fast? Let a professional cleaning team from The Maids do it. After a single visit, we guarantee your guests will experience a clean so thorough they can feel it with all their senses. Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is based on a proprietary 22-Step Cleaning Process that ensures every team is fast and thorough.

Because The Maids is one of the only Airbnb cleaning services to clean for health, your guests will relax and recharge in the healthiest environment. Partner with The Maids and never have to worry about anything less than a 5-Star cleanliness review. Get a free personalized quote today to find more time to manage your business and deliver on guests’ high expectations.

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