Doing Dishes the Easy Way

  While the easiest way to avoid doing dishes is to buy disposable plates and silverware, it’s not good for the planet or your wallet. Washing dishes does many things—it builds character, promotes good hygiene, and provides additional surfaces on which to eat.

5 Cleaning & Organizing Pinterest Boards to Follow

We all want to be more well-organized, resourceful, and crafty, which makes Pinterest instant inspiration. Whether you’re already head over heels for Pinterest or just jumping on the bandwagon, there’s something for almost everyone. Here’s a collection of Pinterest

How To Organize Small Spaces

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean organization has to suffer. If you are lacking horizontal space in your home, then capitalize on the vertical space and use every nook in a smart, functional way. Let’s explore some practical ways that you can

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