How To Clean a Fireplace

We all know winter is coming when the nights get longer and those comfy blankets make their reappearance. You know what that means: It’s nearly time to fire up your fireplace! Before you stack the logs and strike a match or crank up the gas, though, there are some

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

There’s nothing that brings warmth and beauty to traditional and contemporary homes like hardwood floors. Durability and longevity are hardwood flooring’s greatest benefits, but even the finest hardwood floors must be cleaned and maintained properly.

How to Clean Grout

Do you find yourself mumbling profanities at your grout? Or sometimes think, “Of all the colors in the world, I just HAD to pick white.” Well, fret not, grime-fearing friends, because there are ways to tackle the mildew, dirt, and buildup that cling to those once

How to Throw a Messy Party

It may seem odd for a cleaning company to write a blog about how to throw a messy party, but hear us out. Sometimes making messes can be fun. Ready to roll up your sleeves? No? It doesn’t matter. You’re going to get dirty either way. Messy Party Requirements: •

Best Ways to Clean Your Blinds

There is nothing like waking up to a soft morning glow. With warm sunlight peeking through the blinds, you know you have a brilliant day ahead. Oh, the glory of opening freshly cleaned blinds to greet the day instead of inhaling a puff of dancing allergens. It’s time

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