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How To Get Rid Of
Pet Odor In Your House

November 9, 2021

Wet fur, litter boxes, and pet dander are just some of the reasons your home may have pet odors. If you don’t practice regular pet odor removal and cleaning, those foul odors can get into your drapes, upholstery, carpet, and other areas of your home.

We love our pets and do our best to keep them happy and healthy—but we don’t want our homes to smell like a pet store. Whether you use one of our popular residential cleaning services or do it yourself, that odor has to go!

Learning how to get rid of pet odor in a house includes pet odor removal, prevention, and routine maintenance using proven cleaning tools for pet owners. Whether you need to know how to get rid of dog smells or cat odors, you can get rid of pet odors safely and naturally.

Natural Pet Odor Removal

Learning how to get a dog smell out of a house or eliminating other pet odors doesn’t have to include using harsh, possibly toxic commercial deodorizers and cleaners. You don’t have to worry about your family’s or pets’ safety because you can get rid of odors, clean, and even sanitize using baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and a few helpful tools.

Here’s how to get rid of pet odor in your house so you can breathe easy:

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  • Open the windows and turn on your ceiling fans to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • Replace the return air filters in your home’s HVAC system to create optimal circulation and turn on the system fan.
  • Sweep up dirt, pet hair, and dander from hard surface floors.
  • Mop hard surface floors to remove the debris and dust missed during sweeping.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on upholstery, pillows, drapes, rugs, carpet, and any other fabrics that don’t smell fresh.
  • Let the baking soda absorb odors for 15 minutes, then vacuum the fabric or carpet.
  • Remove any cushions and vacuum the back and sides using your vacuum’s brush attachment.
  • Use your vacuum’s crevice tool to get into the crevices of furniture.
  • Spot treat any pet stains on the carpet or upholstery using natural products like white vinegar.
  • Wash dog beds and clean out any litter boxes.
  • Wash your bedding if your pet sleeps with you.

Now that you know how to get dog smells out of carpet and other places, keep them from returning. The first step is to make pet-specific cleaning and deodorizing a part of your regular house cleaning routine.

How to Get Rid of Dog Smells in Your Home

Food, seasonal, and other allergies can lead to excess secretions from your dog’s skin, so have your vet check them out if you can’t get rid of dog odors using this guide. A change of diet or medication can help get your pet’s skin health back on track.

Ear infections are common with dogs, and the bacteria and yeast associated with them can cause foul odors. If your dog scratches its ears frequently and they smell bad, a groomer or vet visit may be in order.

Regular dental care and brushing your dog’s teeth can minimize offensive breath from unsavory meals and tooth decay. Dogs will also roll in things that we wouldn’t even touch. Sweat, secretions, and whatever foul stuff they get into can create some powerful odors. Either do it yourself or use a groomer to give your dog a bath at least monthly.

You know it’s a good idea to clean a dog bed regularly to prevent odors and bacteria, but don’t forget about chew toys, collars, and leashes. These items can stink when dirt and bacteria accumulate, so wash them once in a while to prevent dog odors.

Learning how to get rid of dog smells in a house is almost always possible when you know what to look for, and getting rid of cat odors can be too.

How to Get Rid of Cat Smells Indoors

Most cats do a pretty good job keeping themselves clean and non-odorous, but like dogs, they can sometimes get into or eat some foul-smelling stuff that no amount of self-grooming can remove. Bathing your cat could be one of the steps for how to get cat smells out of your house, but proceed at your own risk! Considering most cats loathe getting wet, you may want to use a damp cloth to wipe down their fur and then give them a good brushing instead.

Just about any cat owner can tell you the horrors of litter box odor, but keeping a litter box clean with fresh litter and the occasional cleaning should minimize these odors. Even with a clean and sanitary litter box and good grooming habits, cats can still get urine or feces in their coat from incontinence or other health issues. If your cat has this problem, a vet can usually help resolve the problem.

If they can’t use their litter box or get outside, most cats will urinate on carpet or upholstery, and it’s a noxious smell you can’t miss. Cats that aren’t neutered or spayed will also mark their territory by spraying urine and gland secretions that can leave a particularly pungent odor. You can learn how to clean up urine using this handy guide, but if your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, you could end up using it more often than necessary.

So now that you know how to get rid of pet odors, learn how to clean everyday pet messes and ways to remove pet hair to keep your home looking and smelling clean. And if you need help getting a fresh start, why not let The Maids help? Our recurring cleaning service is perfect for pet owners who want a cleaner, fresher home more often. Find out more about our pet-friendly cleaning services when you get your free estimate today.

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