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How to Get Rid of
Dog Hair From Everywhere

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September 8, 2021

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If you’re a pet owner, you know how quickly pet hair can end up everywhere. You vacuum and sweep often but still end up with dog hair on clothes, furniture, and other surfaces. If you’re a pet parent who allows your best friend on the couch, offering a seat to guests can be embarrassing. Relax—The Maids® loves pets and house cleaning, so we are uniquely qualified to help you eliminate pet hair without getting rid of the dog!

How to Remove Dog Hair From Carpet

Regular vacuuming is the first line of defense when learning how to get rid of dog hair everywhere. Work from high to low, using the proper attachments for walls, sills, and draperies. Before and during vacuuming, ensure the hoses and rollers aren’t clogged with hair. When you’re learning how to get dog hair out of carpet, you’ll need all the help you can get.

An ideal way to remove dog hair from carpet is to use a rubber broom before vacuuming. A rubber broom’s silicone bristles are gentle, durable, and efficiently capture hair on carpet and hard surface floors. Once the hair is collected in piles, remove it with a vacuum. Because of their efficacy and affordability, rubber brooms are a must-have for pet owners.

How to Remove Dog Hair From a Couch and Other Furniture

Learning how to remove dog hair from a couch and other upholstered furniture isn’t too tough when you use the right tools. A dampened sponge works wonders on upholstered furniture. Wipe the fabric firmly, and the sponge will capture the embedded hair and make it easy to clean up. A microfiber cloth and antistatic dusting spray work well for wooden furniture. The microfibers trap existing hair, and the spray prevents future shedding from sticking. Use a lint roller to collect wisps of fur from lampshades and tabletop décor.

Your dog probably has a few favorite spots around the house where he loves to nap or relax. If his chill-out spot is on your sofa, a machine-washable blanket or furniture cover is the perfect solution for keeping pet hair to a minimum. Take the cover outside and shake it off, or wash it when it gets too furry. If your dog shares your bed, a duvet cover keeps pet hair off the sheets and pillows.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

The first step when learning how to get dog hair out of clothes is to use a lint roller to remove excess hair. If you have delicate pieces, use a steamer to loosen the pet hair first. The moisture and heat will expand the fabric fibers, making hair removal easier. Once the clothing is completely damp, use a fabric brush or lint roller to remove dog hair from the clothes.

The second step for removing pet hair from machine-washable clothing is to launder the clothes. Use regular clothes detergent and add a half cup of white vinegar to the washing machine’s rinse cycle. A vinegar rinse helps soften fabrics so pet hair doesn’t stick so easily. You can also use dryer sheets that have antistatic properties to break the bond between hair and fabric.

Wool dryer balls are a natural alternative to dryer sheets, and they don’t have a strong scent that can aggravate allergies. The wool dryer balls soften the fabric and help prevent pet hair from embedding into the fibers. Place the wool dryer balls in your dryer along with your load of hairy clothing, then clean your lint trap.

Once you’ve learned how to get dog hair out of laundry, it’s essential to keep your washer and dryer clean and maintained. Frequently wiping down the inside and outside of your washer and dryer will help minimize dust, dirt, and hair. A quick way to thoroughly clean your washer basket is to run a short rinse cycle with hot water. You should clean the dryer’s lint trap after each use and vacuum it each week to remove excess hair and lint.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Dogs love car rides, but owners are often left with pet hair everywhere. The first step to removing dog hair from your car is to prevent it. Many companies make seat covers specifically for taking Fido for a ride or simply throw an old sheet or blanket over your seats. A quick way to remove surface hair is to wear rubber gloves and run your hands over the seats. The hair should clump together, making it easy to vacuum up. It’s also not a bad idea to store a lint roller in the car for quick touch-ups.

Why Dogs Shed in the Spring (And What to Do About It)

Spring brings spring cleaning, blooming flowers, and, for dog owners, pet shedding. As winter ends, your dog sheds their thicker winter coat to prepare for the hot summer days. Seemingly overnight, you start seeing wisps of fur floating around. While it’s reassuring to know that spring shedding is a healthy and necessary process for your pet, managing all the hair can be challenging.

Your dog’s breed makes a big difference when it comes to shedding. Dogs with a double coat tend to be the greatest shedding offenders. But even short-hair breeds shed, so you still need to keep shedding under control. Regular brushing is essential for keeping a pet home clean and helps prevent discomfort and health issues. Excess fur can build up in the undercoat, forming matted lumps and knots. This build-up can cause abrasions, hot spots, and even infections.

One of the best methods to use when learning how to get mats out of dog hair is to bathe your dog, then towel dry your pet and start brushing. You’ll get plenty of hair off during this post-bath brushing, so keep brushing till the brush no longer fills up. Keep a trash can handy to clean the brush off when it gets full of hair.

How to Prevent Dog Hair in the House With Less Work

Use these tips to learn how to get rid of dog hair everywhere, and if you need a helping hand, The Maids is a call away. Let us take care of that pet hair and dander once and for all with a clean you can feel with all your senses. Each professional cleaning team follows a 22-Step Cleaning Process to track down pet hair and more.

They also rely on healthy cleaning tools like commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants. Discover how The Maids can clear the air and remove the hair when you get your personalized cleaning quote today.

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