Tips for Eliminating Dog Hair at Home

There’s nothing more frightening than figuring out how to get rid of dog hair. Think about it – you vacuum and sweep, only to end up with dog hair-covered dark socks and pants. And, if you’re a pooch parent that allows your best friend on the couch, offering a seat to guests can get downright embarrassing. Never fear. The Maids loves pets, and we have some solutions on how to get rid of dog hair in the house, without getting rid of the dog! 

General Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Regular vacuuming really is the first line of defense for dog hair, but how you vacuum can really make a difference in how much hair you eliminate. Work your way from high to low, using the proper attachments, like the pet hair removal tool, and make sure to go over walls, sills, and draperies. Go over areas where your dog loves to sleep twice, approaching the area from a different angle each time to ensure you’re trapping as much hair as possible. Lastly, check your vacuum’s brush roll and hoses. Dog hair can easily clog up your machine, reducing its ability to suck up all the hair. Check the equipment after each vacuuming to make sure it can do the best job possible. 

A second tip for cleaning up dog hair is to use a rubber broom BEFORE running your vacuum. Many pet owners swear by this special tool. A rubber broom’s silicone bristles are gentle but durable; they efficiently catch and clump hair on both carpet and hard floor. Once the hair is collected in piles, remove it via a vacuum. Because of their efficacy and affordability, rubber brooms are a must-have for any pet-friendly home.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

A lint roller is the first thing you should grab to remove dog hair from your clothes. But there are other things you can do laundry-wise to remove dog hair and keep it from sticking in the first place.

Dog lovers swear by adding vinegar to the washing machine’s rinse cycle. A vinegar rinse helps soften fabrics so hair doesn’t get embedded quite so easily. About a half cup will do. Another trick is to use pet-specific dryer sheets. For example, Bounce Pet Hair & Lint Guard sheets claim to repeal three times more pet hair and lint than other dryer sheets. Pet owners also swear by wool dryer balls, which help loosen pet hair. 

How to Get Dog Hair Out of the Car

Dogs love car rides but owners are often left with pet hair everywhere. The first step to removing dog hair from your car is to prevent it. Many companies make seat covers specifically for taking Fido for a ride. Or simply throw an old sheet or blanket over your seats.

Inevitably some dog hair may linger. Try donning a pair of rubber cleaning gloves and running your hands over the seats. The hair should clump together, making it easy to vacuum up. It’s also not a bad idea to store a lint roller in the car for quick touch-ups.

Try the same techniques you use to get pet hair out of your carpet for your car: a rubber brush to loosen the hair and a good vacuum attachment to suck it up. 

How to Remove Dog Hair from Furniture

Learning how to clean dog hair from a couch is all about the tools you use. For upholstered furniture, a dampened sponge works wonders. Run it over the couch and chairs; its texture will capture the embedded hair and make it easy to clean up. The same technique also works well with rubber gloves or fabric softener sheets.

For wooden furniture, a microfiber cloth and anti-static dusting spray work well. Together, they’ll collect the existing hair, and the spray helps to curtail future shed from sticking. Use a lint roller to collect wisps of fur from lampshades and tabletop décor.

Regular deep cleans work well to mitigate an otherwise hairy situation. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch ® Deep Cleaning System includes the use of tools such as patented Back Pack Vacs with HEPA filtration that can get rid of up to 99 percent of allergens, dust, hair, bacteria, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants. Schedule a One-Time or Recurring Cleaning Service today.

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