Research shows pets are major stress-reducers in their humans’ lives. In fact, having a pet comes with numerous emotional and physical benefits. They bring joy, energy, and love to our families. It’s because of those positive advantages (and downright cuteness) we’re able to look past the other things they bring to our lives, which include, but are not limited to: hair, dander, dirt, and damaged belongings. 

Thankfullythere are lots of easy strategies one can employ to ensure pets can continue to enrich the lives of their owners, just without the fur confetti. 

Groom your pet regularly.

Remember, the best offense is a good defense. Just like us, our pets need to be bathed regularly (the exception is cats who have never been bathed; do not try this at home). Apply a pet shampoo, scrub, rinse, and dry as best you can. It’s also important to brush animals frequently to help cut down on shedding. Additionally, see that nails are trim and manageable to avoid scratches on hard floors and doors. 

Provide appropriate play

Animals, like the furry children they are, need mental and physical stimulation. Providing play helps to channel their energy and will deter them from messing with other household items. Give your kitty some scratchers; placing them near the particularly tempting furniture is a wise choice. Similarly, make sure your dogs have appropriate toys for chewing and pulling. Give them a designated toy basket, and initiate play often. 

Put a pause on paw prints. 

Although temporarily cute, paw prints are not what one likes to see on their floors. Place designated rags near entryways, especially during the rainy spring season, for wiping your pup’s paws before they walk into the house. Regular vacuuming around the litter box helps to mitigate tiny, dust paws making their way onto the hardwood floor. 

Beware the air. 

The fur and dander pets bring into our airspace further triggers the typical seasonal allergies. If you suffer from worst allergies than most, it may be best to keep your pets out of your bedroom by shutting the door. Make sure to vacuum at least twice a week, clean vents often, and replace filters quarterly. Cleaning surfaces and keeping things clutter-free is the best way to avoid dust accumulation. 

Create feline-free counters. 

Cats love high spaces, but humans love eating food without wisps of hair. That’s why it’s crucial to keep cats off of your kitchen counters. Try placing plastic placemats on the counters. Cover a good amount of the mats with double-stick tape. The cat will jump off, dislike the stinky sensation, and jump down. After multiple attempts, they’ll realize the counters aren’t cat friendly. Laying out crumpled aluminum foil is another great tactic.  

The Maids are the experts in cleaning with pets around. We love our clients’ fur babies, and practice lots of care when in their presence. Because we’re also experts in removing hair, dirt, dust, and dander from your home, click here to get a free estimate on a cleaning service today. 

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