We all know that regular house cleaning can make any home a healthy, pleasant oasis. And while it’s no secret that small, more frequent tasks is key to preventing house cleaning chores from building up to a massive, unconquerable mess, it’s hard to know where to begin. Never fear, the housekeeping experts at The Maids are here!

Perform these chores at least weekly and stay on top of your house cleaning chore list for good.

Weekly Housecleaning Chores:

1. Bathroom Cleaning – Bathrooms are one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Every week, clean and disinfect the toilet, sink and shower. This will help get rid of germs and keep soap scum and mold in check, making future clean-ups even easier.

2. Clean Carpet and Hardwood Floors – Vacuum or sweep floors at least once a week, more often if you have pets or small children. Keep on top of kitchen floors by making them a part of regular after-dinner clean-up. Use your favorite hardwood floor cleaner once a week, but make sure it’s safe to use on the type of wood floors in your home.

3. Wash Bedroom Sheets, Kitchen and Bathroom Towels – There’s something wonderful about slipping between a pair of fresh bed sheets. While you’re washing your bed sheets, wash your bathroom and kitchen towels, too.

4. Knock Out Some Monthly Chores – Monthly housecleaning tasks don’t need to be performed all at once. instead, schedule one each week. Once a week, clean out the refrigerator, wash windows, dust ceiling fans or clean the inside of your washing machine. The more you get done now, the less you’ll have to do when it’s time to do monthly chores.

5. De-clutter countertops and other places where papers, magazines, even socks tend to accumulate.  Take time to re-organize a drawer or shelf. Breaking the organization task into smaller chunks makes the duty less burdensome.

6. Disinfect – Wipe down stair railings, door knobs and other areas that are touched often and can harbor colonies of germs.

7. Wash pet beds or blankets and disinfect kitty litter boxes. Brush pets to help remove hair before it finds its way to your carpeting or upholstery.

8. Microwave – Deep clean the microwave before spills or splashes become encrusted on the inside surfaces.

9. Appliances – Wipe down other often-used appliances, both inside and out.

10. Take a break! Call The Maids® and let the crew clean your home from top to bottom. You will appreciate the fresh start and the time to appreciate your haven.


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