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Things You Can Spring
Clean Besides Your House

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May 29, 2019

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When most of us think of spring cleaning, we think of getting rid of all the dust and dirt, opening the windows to air out the house and deep cleaning stuff like draperies, upholstery and carpets. But who said that spring cleaning was only for cleaning up the house? Like the inside of your home after a long winter, your yard, car, plumbing, wardrobe and even your computer and home office could probably benefit from a good spring cleaning.

We consulted with some cleaning experts from a range of industries to learn how to clean some often neglected areas that rarely make it onto anyone’s spring cleaning list. Here’s a rundown of things you can spring clean besides your house.

A clean car is a happy car!

Maybe not. Still, everyone knows you feel better when your car is nice and clean and smelling fresh. Just ask Amy Bloomer, professional organizer & owner of Let Your Space Bloom.

‘When I think of the spring, I think of taking the opportunity to get outside.  It’s is an opportune time to clean out your car and eliminate the junk from your trunk!  Everyone should take the opportunity to clean out their car and then commit to putting anything (other than a human being or an animal) that enters your car, into your trunk organizer.”

Get outside, breathe in that spring air and give your car a good cleaning. Wash it, vacuum, clean out any trash and finish it off with some tire shine for a sparkling clean ride.

Do your Instagram followers help you with your spring cleaning?

We’re not trying to gauge your popularity here — we merely want you to do some virtual spring cleaning to declutter your digital life. Social media accounts and subscriptions that send you emails take up your time, fill up your inbox and distract you with alerts.

Take the time to go through your social media accounts and emails to unsubscribe from anything that’s no longer useful. Those emails you immediately delete and those social media notifications you ignore aren’t going to stop on their own. Get rid of them.

Where do your winter clothes spend their summers?

If it takes you hours to organize your closets because your summer and winter wardrobe share the same space, it’s time for a spring cleaning for your wardrobe. In winter, summer clothes should be stored out of sight and vice versa. Price Self Storage gave us some good advice for handling your seasonal wardrobes.

“Transitioning to warmer weather means a change in wardrobe. To pack away your winter sweaters, coats and accessories find a clean and dry container that will keep out moisture. Next, find a  safe spot to store these containers. A couple of places that work well for storing seasonal clothes are guest room closets, under a bed, under a couch, or in a storage unit.”

Why are you cleaning things with dirty things?

Many of us know how to clean just about anything, but what about the things you use to clean those things? Your brooms, mops, sponges, and other cleaning tools are probably teeming with bacteria and germs. At the very least, think about all that dust and grime that builds up.

Do you really want to keep using something dirty to clean something else? Sanitize mops and brooms by letting them briefly soak in baking soda and water and then let them air-dry. For cleaning cloths, sponges, scrubbers and similar cleaning tools, wash them in your washer on the hottest setting.

Virtual reality check: There’s more to clean on your computer than viruses and bugs.

Computers can store an awful lot of virtual junk. Plus, if you use a computer as part of your job, you know how hard it can be to wade through all that stuff. Josh Matteson, Marketing Manager at Lula, knows all about it.

“As a marketing professional, I do all of my work on the computer. Personally, organization is one of the most important productivity factors. Marketing professionals can spring clean their computers. This includes organizing files into folders, deleting unused apps, cleaning up the desktop screen, setting email rules, and emptying the trash. You can go one step further and clean up your desk or working area.”

From those apps you haven’t used in years to all those miscellaneous folders all over the place, decluttering your computer can make your virtual world fresh and clean.

Will that be cash or (yuck!) credit?

Think about how often you use your credit and debit cards. They pass through the hands of clerks, waiters and cashiers over and over, and the insides of every card machine you swipe. After all that contact, it collects more germs than you’d think.

According to a study conducted by microbiology students at St. Petersburg College, half of all credit cards they tested came up positive for MRSA. Disinfect your cards now and then, and while you’re at it, that smartphone you put right next to your mouth all day could use a little spring cleaning, too. A quick wipe-down with some disinfectant should do the trick.

Tell me again, why do you need three curling irons?

We know you always want to look your best, but come on! Many of us have bathrooms that are overrun with hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners and a variety of other appliances. If you have old ones stuffed in the cabinet or drawers, it’s time to declutter your hair wardrobe. Here’s what Edify Hair Care‘s Michelle Farley recommends.

“Knowing what products to buy and then how to use them can be overwhelming, and leads to trial and error. That, in turn, often leads to frustration, wasted time, and cluttered countertops, closets, drawers and under the sink, product graveyards. Commit to cleaning out your product graveyard for good and update to a new hair wardrobe (nothing to do with clothes…a hair wardrobe is all the products, tools, accessories, and insight to achieve the various styles that fit your hair and lifestyle)!”

Have you ever really thought about all the stuff you send down your drains?

Hair, food, dirt, grease and soured milk are some of the things many of us send down the drain on a regular basis. While it may look like everything disappears with a good rinse, there’s a lot going on down there from bacteria growing to residues and food particles fermenting away. Bryan Stoddard, Director at Homewares Insider, gave us this handy tip.

“The clogged sinks can easily be cleaned without the use of strong and toxic chemicals. Mix some vinegar and baking soda, and pour it down the drain. After a while, just wash it all away with hot water, the mixture and the greasy plug.”

Show your plumbing and all those other things you can spring clean besides your house some love with a good spring cleaning.

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