holiday speed cleaning checklist

Holiday home cleaning, particularly when guests are en route, doesn’t have to be stressful. It does, however, have to get done. Here’s how to get your speed cleaning done in no time flat.

1. Clean the bathroom.

If you have guests coming, your first priority should always be the bathroom they will most likely use. Always. While a messy home is forgivable (after all, you do live there), a dirty bathroom really isn’t.

2. Tidy up where they will be spending the highest percentage of time.

If they are spending the night, the guest room is your next plan of attack. Make sure sheets are fresh and there is a dedicated space for them to put their suitcase and other travel gear. If you have time to run a vacuum, do that, too.

3. Hit the kitchen.

Even for guests who don’t spend the night, they will always end up hanging out in the kitchen for a large chunk of their stay. Hit the heart of the home with a quick clean by unloading and loading the dishwasher, de-cluttering the counters and wiping down all surfaces.

4. Unearth the living room.

Grab a laundry basket and remove everything from your living room that shouldn’t be there, especially paper, backpacks, toys or laundry. See how much of what’s in your basket can be put back immediately where it belongs, and then do it.

5. Make your bed.

It may not be a room your guests will ever see, but you owe it to yourself to make your bed every day. Not only has it been proven to have life-changing benefits, it also will make your room look infinitely cleaner since it’s the largest piece of furniture in there.

We hope this down-with-dirty, speed cleaning checklist helps you feel a little more at ease during the stressful holiday season. If you find yourself constantly stressing about the state of your home over the holidays, give yourself the gift of time and hire a cleaning service.

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