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Patio Decor Ideas: How to Make
the Great Outdoors Even Better

May 25, 2016

Sure, you may not be entertaining outside as much as you used to, there’s no reason why you can’t give your patio a facelift. If your outdoor patio isn’t an inspiring space, it’s time to make a change. From lighting to color, there’s no shortage of patio decor ideas to transform your patio into an awesome space.

How to Decorate a Patio

Want to change up your patio space without renovating or breaking the bank? A large outdoor rug can make your patio feel more elegant and make it easier on the feet! A patio rug adds color and style and it covers up concrete or decking that needs refinishing.

Outdoor lighting is key to an inviting space. Drape string lights under the house eave or along a canopy to give your patio a special outdoor ambiance. To get the most from your patio lighting, consider installing a dimmer switch for maximum control. You’ll have dim lighting for lounging on summer nights and bright lighting for more practical things!

Whether it’s summer or winter, nothing makes your patio feel cozier and more inviting than the glow of a warm fire. Whether you build your own or buy one, you can use a decorative fire pit to add style and comfort.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind that when you’re choosing a rug, outdoor pillows, furniture, and other patio decor: Durability is your first priority. You’ll find plenty of patio decor and accessories that are right at home outdoors—and you won’t have to sacrifice style.

Small Patio Decor Ideas

Don’t let a small patio hold you back from embracing the great outdoors. We found five patios that are tiny on space and huge on style. Which one is your favorite?

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Pack it in.

When you live in the big city, sometimes you have to fight the urban jungle with a jungle of your own. This contemporary patio lets you soak in the green by osmosis, clearing the air for adventure with every inch you sink into those pillows. Notice how these homeowners achieve varying heights by using planters of different sizes and plants with different textures.

Scale it up.

Where this small patio couldn’t go out, it went up. From the tall (yet dwarf) magnolias on one side to the climbing vines on the other, your eye naturally wants to reach higher and higher until you glimpse a blue sky. The white walls reflect the sunshine, make the small area feel bigger, and give the plants an energy boost. Extra bonus, those boxes mounted to the feature wall double as planters. Let the fun begin!

Mix it up.

This patio and yard use a variety of different textures to fill a relatively small space, yet it doesn’t seem crowded. The reason is because the hardscaping is left relatively bare, and the open patch of grass is unobstructed for a broader view.

Break it up.

Seating area. Dining area. Plant beds. This patio divides and conquers in a simple yet beautiful way, using breaks in the stonescape to designate its different areas. In this way, it makes the outdoors feel almost like an extension of the home, which is a great use of the space.

Put down a magic carpet.

So it’s not a magic carpet, but who says an indoor/outdoor rug can’t take you places? A striped one sets off this outdoor dining area and dresses up the whole patio, helping us feel like we’re at a stately resort.

Go off your rocker.

Rocking chairs beg you to relax, and these red ones add a pop of all-season color so often needed on patios that transition from season to season. While adirondack chairs and picnic tables certainly have their place on the patio, rocking chairs definitely should, too. Change up the look with different pillows and cushions.

Mirror, mirror, on the…shrubbery.

They say that the patio should be treated just like an outdoor room, so why not make the most of it? There are so many things to love about this patio, from its not-too-matchy seating to its playful reflection of light all the way down the hedge. Who knew that Mother Nature loved to look at herself so much? (Can you blame her?)

Take a nod from these homeowners and bring a little indoors outside. Frames like these will need a durable coat of exterior paint, but it will be worth the effort.

Contain yourself.

Photo by Cue & Co of London – Browse transitional patio photos

Containers are smart patio decor devices in so many ways, and this patio uses them perfectly. Rectangular ones form the perimeter, giving tall, vining plants a deep foundation to launch and climb skyward. Colorful ceramic planters help divide the space into temporary sections. If you love to rearrange your furniture, container gardens are a great way to add to the fun. Just keep in mind your plants’ sun and shade requirements so that the whole patio continues to thrive.

More Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Here are more great outdoor patio decor ideas to inspire you. From the practical to the whimsical, you’ll find plenty of ways to make the great outdoors even better. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns or get bold with color—your patio is the perfect space for expressing your creativity!

  • Use the trees around your patio to brighten things up. Christmas lights and patio string lights are both great ways to start, and there are plenty of creative ways to make your trees part of your patio decor.
  • Adding a water element like a fountain can turn your patio into an oasis. Installing a fountain is a DIY patio decor project that adds a wonderful atmosphere to outdoor spaces.
  • Jumbo-sized umbrellas are a versatile and practical piece of patio decor, and they’re easy to keep clean. They cover large areas of your patio to fend off sun and rain, and they can be an eye-catching focal point with bright colors or interesting patterns.
  • The wall where your patio meets the house is often overlooked. Don’t forget to doll this space up! Hanging artwork and sculptures can add a distinctive look or a bit of fun.
  • An outdoor swing is a fun seating addition and can make your patio feel inviting and pleasant. From porch swings to hammocks, find the best fit for your patio and get ready to relax.

Want to share your small patio with us? We’d love to see your style!

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