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Don’t let a small patio hold you back from embracing the great outdoors. We found five patios that are tiny on space and huge on style. Which one is your favorite?

Pack it in.

When you live in the big city, sometimes you have to fight the urban jungle with a jungle of your own. This contemporary patio lets you soak in the green by osmosis, clearing the air for adventure with every inch you sink into those pillows. Notice how these homeowners achieve varying heights by using planters of different sizes and plants with different textures.



Scale it up.

Where this small patio couldn’t go out, it went up. From the tall (yet dwarf) magnolias on one side to the climbing vines on the other, your eye naturally wants to reach higher and higher until you glimpse a blue sky. The white walls reflect the the sunshine, make the small area feel bigger (and give the plants an energy boost). Extra bonus, those boxes mounted to the feature wall double as planters. Let the fun begin!

Short St


Mix it up.

This patio and yard use a variety of different textures to fill a relatively small space, yet it doesn’t seem crowded. The reason is because the hardscaping is left relatively bare, and the open patch of grass is unobstructed, giving plenty of ways to move your view around.

Urban Retreat


Break it up.

Seating area. Dining area. Plant beds. This patio divides and conquers in a simple yet beautiful way, using breaks in the stonescape to designate its different areas. In this way, it makes the outdoors feel almost like an extension of the home, which is a great use of the space.

Modern in Bed-Stuy

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