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How to Organize Your
New Home Right Away

May 1, 2019

Moving to a new home is exciting and full of promise. Your new home is a blank slate for organizing, and when you take the time to plan where everything will go and how things will be stored, you can enjoy an uncluttered home right from the start. Learn how to organize your new home right away with these handy tips.

First Things First

You want your new home to be as clean and organized as possible, so before you start organizing, make sure your new place is sparkling clean for a truly fresh start. Begin by unpacking your toiletries, tools and other things you need right away from your essentials box. Then take some time to map out what goes where in each room.

Pick your linen closet and any other closets for specific storage. Determine which boxes go in the attic, basement and garage and get those out of the way so that you’ll have more room to work. Then, put the rest of the boxes in the appropriate rooms and get ready to unpack and organize. Start a list for additional storage items as you find the need and you can add those later.

Unpack Room by Room to Organize Your New Home

Unpack and Organize Bedrooms First

Now that you have the right boxes in the right rooms, your first order of business is to set up your bedrooms, beginning with the kids’ rooms. Start by unpacking items going into closets, drawers and other storage areas to get them out of the way. If you need additional storage during this step, consider under the bed storage options. Don’t stop organizing when you see you need additional storage, just add it to your list for later.

Set up kids’ bedrooms as completely as possible with baskets, shelving and other storage options. Move on to the other bedrooms and repeat! Your goal is to put everything in its place, so you and your family will feel right at home and get a good night’s sleep from the very first night.

Set up Your Bathrooms

Your goal here is to organize everything you’ll need on a routine basis without cluttering up your vanity. If the bathroom in your new home is small, you’ll need to get creative. Sharing a bathroom with the kids? Designate a drawer or other space for the things they’ll need. Use drawer dividers, or space permitting, set up separate storage options like baskets or caddies for each member of the family.

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Make the most of the limited space by using the inside of cabinet doors and install hooks for hanging towels and robes. Don’t let the cabinet under the sink become a catch-all by using clear, labeled containers or caddies for toiletries like cosmetics, lotions and toilet paper. And don’t forget to leave room for the clothes hamper.

On to Organizing the Kitchen

Now that you’ve ensured your family has organized bedrooms and bathrooms in your new home, it’s time to get your new kitchen set up and organized. First, divide your new kitchen into specific areas and use post-it notes to label each area to make unpacking easier:

Consumables: This area is where you’ll store your food. The fridge, food cabinets and pantry are your primary targets. Put some thought into the best locations for food you’ll use for prepping meals, quick snacks and food items you won’t regularly use like certain spices and oils.

Non-consumables: Dishware, glasses, silverware and cookware should be stored for easy access and could include cabinets, drawers and pot racks. For things you don’t use often, make use of out-of-the-way areas like above the fridge or stove.

Cleaning area: This area includes the sink, dishwasher and storage for cleaning supplies, dish detergent, scrub pads and dishcloths.

Prep area: Whether it’s a counter area or kitchen island, determine where you’ll be doing most of your prep for meals so that you can store the things you’ll need close by.

Cooking area: This area includes your stovetop, range, oven and microwave. You’ll want pots and pans stored close by for easy access. You’ll also need to decide the best place to store mixers, food processors and other countertop appliances out of the way.

If you have younger children, be sure to install cabinet locks and for older kids, designate an area or cabinet where they can grab what they need to foster independence.

Streamline Your Laundry Room

Often a small space, the laundry room in your new home needs a little creativity for organizing. Instead of a single hamper, invest in a three-piece hamper to separate darks, lights and towels for easy laundering. Store detergent, stain removers and other laundry supplies as close to the washer as possible. Use the inside of cabinet doors for additional storage and install hooks or other hardware for hanging brooms, mops and your ironing board. Consider installing wire shelving to help divvy up the laundry after it’s clean.

Create a Storage-Friendly Family Room or Den

From ottomans that double as storage units to using baskets or other containers on shelves, there are plenty of ways to make your family room storage-friendly. Use large, decorative baskets to hold throws, use clear containers under the sofa for games, movies and more to prevent clutter. Keep books for adults on upper shelves and store kids’ books on bottom shelves. Use small baskets as bookends to hold art supplies and other small items. If you’re going to be watching TV in this room, consider an entertainment center for more storage options.

Your Garage Isn’t a Giant Catch-All!

The garage in your new home may have been designed for parking your cars, but we all know it’s just as often used for storage. From storing riding mowers to miscellaneous items without a home, a garage can be a great storage solution or a big mess. Decide now if you’ll be parking your cars in the garage or not to determine how much space you have to work with.

Start by taking advantage of any shelving or cabinets. Store anything hazardous like engine oil and harsh cleaners up high. Stash rarely used and seasonal items in the hardest-to-reach areas and install hardware for hanging gardening tools. Store lawn mowers and other bulky equipment out of the way yet keep them accessible. Frequently used things like kids’ bikes and toys should be stored near the garage door for easy access.

If you followed our helpful tips, your new home should be well organized. Once you’ve gotten your new home organized, let The Maids® help you keep it clean and organized with our weekly and monthly residential cleaning services.

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