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Creative Bathroom Organization Ideas
for More Storage

July 29, 2020

The bathroom can be a tricky place to clean. Since it’s one of your family’s most frequently used rooms, you naturally want it to be tidy and welcoming. That means no countertop clutter, no towels on the floor and no personal products lying around.

The keys to organizing your bathroom are to spend some time decluttering (getting rid of anything outdated, broken or no longer used), then giving everything you keep — makeup, cleaning products, extra towels and so on — a new home. This process always works, but if you’re not sure where exactly to put everything, we’re here to help.

Creative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

These small bathroom organization ideas will do the trick in larger bathrooms, too, but you’ll see the biggest results in the more confined areas. Whether it’s above the door, in the bath or on the walls around your vanity, there are plenty of ways to get organized and make the most of your bathroom space.

Mount a Towel Rack

Use vertical space behind your bathroom door or on the walls to keep fresh towels and washcloths handy. A wall-mounted rack or storage unit with open cubbies is ideal for storing extra bathroom linens. Roll up larger towels so they fit inside the cubbies or hang a towel rack with dowels.

Hang Basket Shelves

For an inexpensive but cute storage solution, mount a set of baskets on your bathroom wall. They keep lotions, hair products, and makeup products organized and handy. You may get away with stick-on fasteners if you don’t overload the baskets, but nailing or screwing the baskets to the wall is more secure.

Hang Up a Shower Organizer

If shampoos, conditioners and other shower gear litter your shower, a shower organizer is one of the best bathroom organization hacks ever. There are plenty of great shower organizers that use suction cups to fasten them to your shower wall. Place your organizer roughly at eye level; you’ll enjoy more room and your shower gear will be easy to locate.

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Get Over-the-Toilet Storage

If your toilet has free space above it, you’re missing out on prime storage real estate. Instead of letting all that space go to waste, a ladder-style storage solution is perfect for this hard-to-use space. You can buy these, but they are an easy DIY project if you’re so inclined.

Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

Hair dryers, curling irons, hair sprays and other products can take up lots of space on your bathroom countertops. These quick bathroom sink organization ideas will help you showcase your vanity instead of the clutter.

Canisters Aren’t Just for the Kitchen

Storing bathroom essentials such as cotton balls, swabs, makeup brushes and other small items in decorative canisters will clear your counter in no time. Choose canisters that match your bathroom — don’t be afraid to experiment with mason jars, metal tins and old bottles. You can also find stacking canisters if you need more room or don’t want to display them on your counter.

Install Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Install soap dispensers and toothbrush holders that attach to the wall rather than sit on the countertop to free up space around the sink. You can set these up individually or find all-in-one configurations. You can also take this idea into your shower with dispensers that supply shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

Clever Bathroom Cabinet Organization Ideas

Well-organized cabinets are the key to a less-stressful morning routine. Bring order to your medicine cabinet and under-sink area with these bathroom cabinet organization tips and tricks.

Use Adhesive Hooks for Grooming Tools

Make use of the behind-the-door space in your bathroom cabinet with adhesive hooks. These hooks are great for hair dryers, brushes, trimmers and more. All your grooming gear will be neatly organized, out of the way and easy to access. Whether you use the hooks individually or mount a basket or rack on them, there are plenty of ways to personalize your layout.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

See-through containers are perfect storage solutions for those notoriously small medicine cabinets. Stock your medicine cabinet with acrylic, plastic or glass holders that allow you to spot what you need easily. If space permits, consider using one of those expandable, multi-tiered spice shelves for more storage.

Bathroom Drawer Organizer Ideas

Bathroom drawers can become junk drawers quickly. When you’re in a hurry, you probably toss whatever you’re using in a drawer — especially if your bathroom is too cluttered. You use bathroom drawers every day, so why not take the stress (and the clutter!) out of the equation with these simple drawer organization tips?

Use a Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Kitchen utensil drawer organizers are perfect for keeping your knives, forks and spoons in order, and they can do the same for your makeup brushes, cosmetics and toothbrushes. You can use these organizers to keep the whole family’s grooming gear separate and easily accessible.

Use Plastic Drawer Containers

If you have drawers in your bathroom vanity, you can make the most of the space by using plastic containers. You can keep lotions and moisturizers in one, hair brushes in another and so forth. The organizers let you store more because you are using most of the space.

These bathroom hacks, organization tips and storage solutions are the keys you need to reclaim your bathroom. Your mornings will be less stressful because you can easily find exactly what you need. Your evening baths or showers will feel more like a luxury spa than a cluttered storage area.

Isn’t it time you got your bathroom under control? If you need help with bathroom clutter and cleaning, or a whole-house deep cleaning, The Maids is ready to get to work.

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