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How to Clean Your Styling
Tools & Hair Accessories

October 17, 2016



From cuts, dyes and styles to high-end products, most women tend to spend a lot of time and effort on their hair. But, what’s the use if you’re brushing with a gunky brush or using a hairspray-coated curling iron? We often pay so much attention to how our hair looks that we forget to care about the condition of the styling tools and accessories we use every day. Cleaning these items is just as important as cleaning your hair, and the good news is, keeping these styling tools spic and span is easy.

How to Clean a Hair Brush

The obvious way to clean a hair brush is to remove the trapped hair from the bristles. To do this quickly, use a comb to cover more area on the brush and gather more strands at a time. Once the hair is out, you might notice some build-up at the base of the bristles. This is leftover hair styling gunk, oil and grease. Using an old toothbrush, gently scrub your brushes, combs and picks with warm water and a dab of shampoo until all of the build-up has been lifted from the base and bristles.

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Pro Tip: You should clean your hair brush about once a week. At the bare minimum, a monthly clean will do. Some experts will tell you to think of your brush as you would a kitchen sponge in terms of cleaning frequency. You wouldn’t use a dirty sponge to clean dishes; why would you use a dirty brush to comb through your freshly washed hair?

How to Clean a Hair Straightener

When it’s time to clean your flat iron, make sure the device is unplugged and cool to the touch before beginning any cleaning treatment. To get rid of hairspray and product build-up, put some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and begin cleaning the barrel. Use an unused toothbrush for the stubborn areas and cotton swabs for the hard-to-get-to spots. After all the build-up has been removed, wipe it down with clean, damp cloth and let it dry.

Pro Tip: Wash your hair straightener every other week if possible. Once a month is fine as well, but be mindful if you tend to use a lot of hairspray. While all hair products can leave residue on the tongs, hairspray has a high level of alcohol, which can damage the metal.

How to Clean Headbands and Other Accessories

Sure, you could go out and constantly buy new hair flare, but the truth is, you’re going to reuse them at some point. And if you’ve sweat in them, slept in them, cleaned house in them or whatever you have done in them, they’re probably dirty. All you have to do is fill the bathroom sink with warm water and a little bit of shampoo, and let the accessories soak for a few minutes. Gently scrub each accessory with your fingers to loosen up any grease or build-up, and finally, rinse them out with clean water.

Pro Tip: You might not always use the same hair tie or headband day after day, so your cleaning schedule can vary. As a general rule, wash these products about once every other week if you use them a lot, and once a month if not.

Cleaning styling tools and accessories is so simple, yet the results will leave you feeling even cleaner. It is important to note that you do not want to use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean your hair tools because they may not have safe ingredients or safe pH levels for hair.
And remember this: When you’re done cleaning your hair products and realize that your whole bathroom could use a scrub too, call The Maids. We’re here to get everything from sinks to tubs (and the rest of the house) in tip-top order. Call 1-800-THE-MAIDS for a free price quote today.


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