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How to Clean
a TV Screen

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March 21, 2024

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If you look closely at your TV screen, you may be surprised by all the dust, dirt, and fingerprints. The buildup may not be noticeable while watching your favorite show, but even minimal dirt and dust can be damaging. A TV screen that needs cleaning can impact viewing pleasure, television performance, and longevity. If your television is a commonly missed cleaning spot, a few TV screen cleaning tips can get you back on track. However, learning how to clean a TV screen differs slightly from most cleaning chores. Cleaning a TV screen incorrectly could cause irreversible damage, so safety comes first!

How to Clean a Television Safely

Keep in mind that chemicals and moisture are hazardous to your TV. Read your TV model’s instruction manual for cleaning guidelines. If you’ve misplaced your manual, you can locate it online. If you don’t take certain precautions when cleaning a TV, you could damage the screen or even ruin the television.

Here’s a list of “don’ts” to keep in mind before you learn the best way to clean a TV screen:

  • Don’t clean a flat screen when the TV is still warm to minimize streaking and make removing dirt and grime easier. If you have a plasma TV, you may have to wait up to 20 minutes for it to cool down completely.
  • Don’t use glass or any cleaner containing alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or acetone as a TV cleaner. Harsh chemicals can damage the anti-reflective and protective coatings and ruin the screen.
  • Don’t use regular cleaning cloths or paper towels because the mildest abrasion can scratch screens. Paper towels can also leave lint stuck in the crevices and where the screen meets the casing.
  • Don’t spray water or other liquids directly on your TV. When liquid touches the edges of the screen, the moisture can wick into the layers and ruin the TV.
  • Don’t rub the flat screen too hard or press into the screen. Too much pressure can create small cracks in the coating or screen and displace the liquid crystals.

These TV screen cleaning tips will keep your television safe and ensure you get the best cleaning possible. The best way to clean a TV screen is to start with a dry cleaning method. Don’t forget to keep your hands off the TV screen. The less you touch your TV screen, the better.

The Best Way to Clean a TV Screen

Before you clean your TV, removing as much loose dirt and dust as possible is essential. Even the finest particles can damage your TV’s coatings and screen if you move it around with your cleaning cloth. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust from the TV display and the casing. Now, we’re ready to learn how to clean a TV screen using safe, natural cleaning ingredients and a few tools.

You’ll need distilled white vinegar and distilled water to mix a safe cleaner for your TV screen. Distilled water is preferred because it doesn’t have the minerals that can scratch your TV screen. You’ll also need a can of compressed air, your vacuum, dish liquid, and a few microfiber cloths.

  • Unplug your television and place a bath towel beneath it to catch any drips.
  • Mix one part distilled water and one part white distilled vinegar in a bowl.
  • Dampen half of a clean microfiber cloth and lightly wipe back and forth with broad strokes.
  • Use mild dish soap and distilled water to clean stubborn buildup and fingerprints.
  • Wipe down the housing and the base of the TV with a microfiber cloth dampened with distilled water.
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the TV screen, base, and casing.
  • Turn your TV for easy access to the back and ensure the TV is stable before continuing.
  • Use your vacuum’s brush attachment or other extension and vacuum the vents to remove dust and dirt.
  • Clean the connection ports with compressed air. Spray at an angle so you don’t push dirt further into the port.
  • Let the TV dry entirely before you plug it back in and turn it on.

Don’t forget the remote! Remote controls, gaming controllers, and other TV-related gear need a good cleaning once in a while. These devices can harbor bacteria and viruses that can cause illness, so routine cleaning and sanitizing of electronic devices is critical.

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Learning how to clean a TV screen, the housing, vents, and ports will help your TV perform at its best. So now that your TV is sparkling clean, what’s next? You can learn to clean nearly everything in your home like a pro with our library of handy housekeeping guides. Whether you invest in affordable residential cleaning services or do it yourself, The Maids is on a mission to make house cleaning more manageable. Discover what a difference professional cleaning can make in your home when you get your free customized quote today.

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