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How Much Does a
House Cleaning Cost?

October 17, 2015

With many people leading busier lives than ever before, finding time for traditional chores like house cleaning can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional house cleaners who will be happy to come into your home and take care of the cleaning for you. These pros will handle everything from vacuuming the rooms and doing laundry to washing the windows.

Here at The Maids, we understand a commitment to regular house cleaning services can be intimidating. “How much does a maid cost?” “How often should I have a maid visit my house?” “What can I expect to get with my cleaning?” These are questions we get asked almost daily. So we thought we’d break it down for you and eliminate the mystery.

According to an Investopedia, house cleaning prices are typically in the $150 to $250 range for a 2,000 square foot home. Keep reading to find out what influences house cleaning costs and how The Maids gives you and your home more for your money.

Factors That Can Affect the Cost of House Cleaning Services

We price each home individually to ensure our services and home cleaning prices will meet your specific needs and budget. The average house cleaning cost varies depending on a variety of factors. Keep in mind, deep cleaning house costs are different, as our team will take extra time to bring your home up to our high standard of clean.

Once we’ve gotten your home sparkling clean, the cost for recurring maid service depends on your location, the size of your home, number of rooms cleaned, and the condition of your home. How often you need your home cleaned and the number of family members, including the four-legged kind, affects cost, too.

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No matter which of our popular cleaning services fits your needs, you can count on our proven 22-Step Cleaning Process with every visit. We disinfect high-touch areas throughout your home to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria. We give your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms a fresh, healthy clean that reduces allergens and dust. Most of all, we give you a healthier home for you and your family.

Contact The Maids in your neighborhood to get the most accurate quote for professional cleaning services prices. Our cleaning consultants will explain our processes in detail and help you find the best fit for your unique cleaning needs.

Tips for Saving Money on House Cleaning Services

Getting your home cleaned regularly by a professional house cleaning company could already be saving you money. You’re also saving the precious hours in your week you would have spent cleaning. Imagine all you could do with those hours!

But we know every dollar counts, so we want to share these tips for saving money on house cleaning costs. Give these a try to see just how affordable maid service can be.

Forget the kids’ rooms. Whether you use a kids’ chore chart or a cleaning calendar, getting your kids to clean their rooms is one of the best ways to keep a cleaner home. Not only will you save money on maid service, but the kids will learn some life lessons.

Apply the “10-Minute Pick Up” rule before the cleaning team arrives. Take 10 minutes to go from room to room and pick up all belongings and put them back where they belong—and yes, the kids are in on this one too!

Rotate which rooms you want cleaned during each visit. Regularly scheduled house cleaning makes things more manageable, but your cleaning team may still have a large amount of ground to cover. Think about rooms and areas that are easier to maintain and can skip a cleaning now and then. Maybe one visit could be for high-traffic areas like bathrooms and floors, and the next could be a whole house cleaning.

How The Maids Gives You the Most for Your House Cleaning Budget

So what exactly do you get when you invest in professional house cleaning? Our cleaning services are performed by supervised, uniformed, and professionally trained teams who whip your home into tip-top shape. Each bonded and insured team member has a job to perform in your home—kitchen, bathrooms, dusting, or vacuuming—and is a specialist in each task.

Each team uses a strategic, methodical cleaning approach featuring environmentally-preferred products and tools. Equipped with a backpack vacuum using HEPA filtration, our teams can capture up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants. All of this attention to detail ensures a perfect shine to your home.

The Maids is so confident our services will impress customers, we back every clean with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This dedication to customer service and quality is just one of the sparkling benefits of hiring a reputable, experienced cleaning service like The Maids. Your home is your sanctuary. Let us help you turn it into the spotless abode you deserve.

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