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7 Simple Reasons To
Hire A Cleaning Service

October 30, 2019

Every big decision can be based on weighing the pros and cons. For example, should you buy a new car? The pros are you’ll have a reliable vehicle and the cons may be the added monthly expense. Hiring a cleaning service is no different. Even so, some people still think of it as a luxury, we’re here to dispel that theoryThere are several simple, straightforward reasons why you should hire a maid’s service. Here are just seven: 

You’re Rarely Home. 

If you travel for work, you may not even see the inside of your home for weeks at a time, but that doesn’t stop it from getting dusty. Dust settles on end tables, chairs and shelves no matter if you’re home or away. Hiring a cleaning service, like The Maids, for a one-time cleaning or recurring cleaning service ensures you’ll always come home to a clean, dust-free home. 

Your Home Desperately Needs A Deep Clean.

Fall is already here and the holidays are just around the corner. You want your home to look its best for the upcoming season, but it hasn’t seen a deep clean since last spring. Hiring a cleaning service to completely freshen up your home with a fall cleaning service means holiday decorations can go right up, we can stop anytime and your home is ready to go for a long winter. 

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You’re Selling Your Home. 

Nothing says “Buy Me” like a fresh, clean home. Our moving cleaning service means once you pack the boxes, we’ll take care of making your home look like new again. Moving can take a toll on a home’s interior, floors get scuffed and walls get marked. Our professional teams will take care of everything, and we bring our own cleaning supplies. 

You Physically Can’t Clean. 

Cleaning is a physical job. Bending, reaching and even getting on a step stool is required to get to all the places dust, dirt and grime hides. If you’re recovering from an accident or just can’t move like you used to, a cleaning service can take the weight off your shoulders. We work in teams to safely clean your home up to your high standards, guaranteed. 

You Really Hate To Clean. 

Not everyone loves to clean, just like not everyone loves to farm or sew clothes, but they all need to be done. You buy food someone else grows and clothes someone else sews so why not hire a service to clean your home? Life is too short to do something you hate especially when they are people who really love doing it, like us. 

You Can’t Keep Up With The Mess. 

You’ve got three kids, a dog, and a cat. You can barely get everyone out the door in the morning never mind keeping up with the messes they make. Pet hair, toys, unmade beds, and dirty dishes can make you feel like you’re running in circles. Take a break with a recurring cleaning service or even a same-day cleaning service. Whether you hire us to come today, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we’ve never met a family mess we couldn’t catch. 

Your Time Is Worth More Than The Cost. 

If you’re really weighing the pros and cons, you need to think about how much your time is worth and how much hiring a cleaning service can save you. You may even be surprised to learn that all that time saved translates to money saved in other areas. With cleaning out of the way, you’ll have time to mow your own yard, make more meals at home and walk your own dogs.  

When you’ve weighed all the pros and cons of hiring a professional cleaning service, contact us, and we’ll give you a free estimate. You’ll be surprised at just how easy and affordable it is to hire The Maids. 

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