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Hacks for Making Your Home
Smell Like the Holidays

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December 8, 2021

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Whether it’s chestnuts roasting on an open fire, freshly cut pine, or warm sugar cookies, it’s easy to confirm that Christmas scents are the very best. They ignite the nostalgia and magic of the season, and make things *feel* like the holidays.

This year, take your happy holiday décor to the next level by mixing in some festive, Christmas smells. We’ve gathered a few holiday hacks for maximizing great, seasonal aromas.

Start with a Clean Slate

We mean literally. A great smelling home begins with cleanliness. For this reason, hold off on decking the halls until you’ve given your place a nice, thorough deep clean; pay extra attention to floors, corners, and other potential cobweb locations such as below or behind large pieces of furniture.

This is also a good time to work on a few seasonal chores. Change your air filters, clean vents, and dust ceiling fan blades. 

Identify Mystery Odors

Unidentified container of leftovers in the fridge? A full diaper pail? Kid’s sweaty gym socks under the bed? Or *gasp* the dreaded weeks-old abandoned sippy cup? It’s time to figure out what’s causing that strange, lingering smell. Enlist your family members and get searching. You don’t want anything yucky disrupting the winter wonderland you’re about to create.

Now that your home has a neutral smell, it’s time for the fun stuff!

How to Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

There are lots of ways to bring a festive scent into your home. 

Add the Fragrance of Fresh Greenery

If you’re Team Real Christmas Tree, you’ve already experienced firsthand how delightful seasonal foliage can smell. But don’t worry, Team Artificial Tree, there are other ways! A gorgeous garland of evergreen hanging on the mantel is both appealing and aromatic. Add some sprigs to your giftwrap, or use a cedar branch to create a crisp centerpiece for a fancy dinner. Your friends and family will love the look (and smell!) of an indoor winter wonderland.

Use Essential Oil Blends

Frankincense, orange, cinnamon, pine, clove, peppermint: when it comes to essential oils, the possibilities are endless! “Cook” up your perfect blend, and let the diffuser get to work. Essential oils go a long way, so remember to use the drops sparingly. We love this natural, easy method for wafting holiday wonder throughout the home. 

Try a Seasonal Sachet

If you love a DIY, try a simple sachet craft. These little mixed bags aren’t limited to drawers only. They can be used to liven up any dull space; think kitchen corner, car, trashcan, smelly gym bag… you get the idea. Sachets also make for a lovely little gift or stocking stuffer.

Check out this simple recipe for DIY sachets, or click here for a gorgeous store-bought option

Simmer Some Stovetop Potpourri

Add a few ingredients to a pot, some water, add heat, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly cozy, Christmas-y home. Stovetop potpourri is a fun way to enjoy the scents of the season. Take a look at this recipe; if Christmas could be described as one smell, this would surely be it.

Package the ingredients in a mason jar with a gift tag, and give the present of a cheerful-smelling home.

Let The Maids take that first step off your plate with a thorough home cleaning. Our 22-Step Cleaning Process is guaranteed to leave you with a spotless home and peace of mind. Once your place is sparkling clean, you’ll be ready to add the tinsel- and the scents of the season. Click here to get a free estimate.

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