5 Reasons Cleaning Services Could Be the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is a holiday all about showing how much we care about the people we love. Bouquets of flowers, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and dinner at a favorite restaurant are the traditional go-tos, but there are plenty of creative and thoughtful gift ideas for showing how much you care. 

What if there was a gift that gave your significant other more time to do the things they love? A gift that could give them a break from their busy schedule and hectic lifestyle? A gift that lightened their load AND gave them a neat and tidy home to enjoy? There’s a gift with all those benefits and more—residential cleaning services. Don’t judge, just read on!

No, a maid service is not going to make many people’s list of most romantic gifts, but what could be more romantic than giving your significant other the most valuable gift of all—more time? You can always buy more flowers and candy, but you can’t buy more time. Here are five reasons why gifting cleaning services for Valentine’s Day could be the best gift of all. 

1. Give the Gift Most of Us Would Love—But Never Buy for Ourselves

Some may think having a maid or housekeeper help out around the house is a luxury—something typically reserved for the wealthy. In actuality, residential cleaning services are very affordable. Any many who hire maid services understand the value of time and consider the small investment to be money well spent. 

If you think hiring a housekeeping company is frivolous and would leave you feeling guilty, you’re not alone. Ashley Whillans, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, finds that people who consider spending money to save time suffer from a nagging feeling of guilt. According to her research, people feel guilty not only about spending the money, but they also feel guilty about the benefits they would receive. But why?

Whillans explains it this way. “Material purchases you can have right now [while] time saving benefits you in the future. We always think we’re going to have more time tomorrow than today, whereas money is equally valuable [anytime]. It takes some mental gymnastics to think about spending a resource that’s concrete now in a way that’s going to save some time in the future.”

But the research also shows that people who spend money to save time are significantly happier about their purchase than those who spend it on material goods. But very few people, as low as two percent, would actually spend a windfall to save time. Who wouldn’t love more time?! If you want to make your significant other happy, give them the gift they really want (but may never admit!)

 2. Gifting a Maid Service is Like Gifting Peace of Mind

A professionally cleaned home creates a healthier environment for your family. That means less dust, dirt, germs, bacteria, animal dander and other contaminants. We all want our families to be healthy and happy, so a fresh, clean environment gives us the peace of mind we enjoy from taking care of ourselves and those we love. For many of us, a clean and tidy home also makes us feel more calm and organized. We have a sense of order and control and our dining room, kitchen and bedrooms just look and feel so much better

There’s a direct correlation between a cluttered mind and a cluttered home. This correlation is found not only in those responsible for keeping a home clean but for everyone who lives there. A dirty, messy home creates a constant level of low-level stress, which can contribute to feelings of anxiety and even depression. Whether a dirty house makes you feel powerless and disorganized or it prevents you from inviting guests for dinner, living in a cluttered environment is not a healthy choice mentally or physically. 

3. Housekeeping Services Is a Gift That Benefits The Whole Family

Everyone loves the look and feel of a freshly cleaned home. For busy families, keeping a home clean and healthy can seem like a full-time job that can disrupt quality time together. While most of us do a good job of keeping our homes picked up, it’s easy to fall behind on housework, home maintenance and other responsibilities. But no one wants to live in a messy, dirty home. 

When you give maid services for Valentine’s Day, everyone wins. Parents have more time to spend with children, significant others have more time to spend with each other and everyone enjoys their clean home and the newfound free time. The kids will feel more relaxed and comfortable and spouses will have time to build their relationship with each other and the rest of the family.   

4. Giving the Gift of a Clean House is a Welcome Surprise

Sure, roses, chocolates, dinner and a movie are still great Valentine’s Day gifts. But after years of giving predictable and typical gifts of love, maybe it’s time to show your significant other your creative side with a gift they never expected. When you give your Valentine the gift of a sparkling clean home, you’re telling them you really put a lot of thought into how you wanted to say, “I love you.”

While we’re confident giving your significant other maid services for Valentine’s will be a welcome surprise, you may not be convinced the gift is romantic enough. Definitely welcome, but romantic? Remember, you don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy all the benefits of hiring a professional maid service. You’ll find plenty of affordable options, so if it makes you feel better, go ahead and grab a dozen roses, a box of candy and make those reservations.

Afraid your significant other will think you’re dropping hints that their housekeeping skills aren’t up to par? Whether you’re scared they’ll misinterpret your intentions or your house is already clean, you can always choose from a range of cleaning services for a future date. Give them the gift of special cleaning services for windows, carpets and other big chores or take spring cleaning off the family to-do list. There are plenty of options for making your gift one of the most memorable and welcome ones yet. 

5. Maid Services is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Whether you choose a one-time cleaning or give your significant other the gift of housekeeping week after week, a maid service is a gift that lasts much longer than those roses—and especially those chocolates!  

Maybe you and your significant other have fallen behind on the housekeeping and feel if you could only get caught up, you could keep your home clean and neat more often. Or maybe the thought of tackling that long-overdue chore list is too overwhelming and handing it off to a professional cleaning service would be a welcome relief. A deep cleaning by the pros could be just the solution for getting things back on track.

For a Valentine’s Day gift with benefits for everyone in your home all year long, you can pick from recurring maid services that fit your family’s specific needs. Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly housekeeping, everyone will enjoy a healthier, cleaner home more often and more free time to spend doing the things they love.  

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