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3 Reasons Why Hiring an Uninsured
Cleaning Service Could Cost You Millions

May 27, 2015

We know that hiring the best maid service can feel like a luxury, especially when you know someone who cleans houses on his or her own for a fraction of the cost. However, any money saved at the forefront could cost you much more than pain, stress, and heartache; they could cost you your life savings. Here’s how.


Individual cleaners are not a business.

While they may have business cards and flyers, if they are using your tools, cleaning when you want them to, and doing the work on your property, chances are you’ve just hired an employee, not a business. And this means you could be responsible for employee withholding, social security payments, and federal unemployment taxes. It also means you may have to reconsider your insurance coverage. Sound complicated? It is. And it can also be expensive when it’s an oversight. Just one more reason to leave the tax, wage and insurance information to the professionals—the cleaning professionals.

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Individual cleaners may have a good reputation, but not a good record.

Individual cleaners and maids may come highly recommended, but they don’t come with background checks. If you would like to hire a maid on an individual basis, how able and comfortable are you with researching them before his or her first day? Could you ask them to fill out an application, and make them aware you’d be running a background check? If you don’t feel comfortable asking tough questions to someone who will have a key and full access to your home, perhaps it’s a sign you should reconsider your options. Professional companies go through extensive checks for each of their employees, taking the guesswork and the risk out of the equation before you meet your team for the first time. And that peace of mind is priceless.


Insurance covers all sorts of ifs, ands, and butts.

A professional cleaning company carries umbrella coverage for all of their employees and for themselves as a company. They are licensed to perform the work, bonded to insure clients receive what they’ve paid for, and insured in case anything unfortunate happens, both in personal property and bodily harm. Yes, this means the cleaning comes at a premium, but there is safety in those numbers. Professional cleaning clients have a recourse should something not go as expected; those who hire individual cleaners do not.

The truth of the matter is not only is our 4-person professional cleaning team highly efficient, hiring these professionals ensures the only thing you have to do is schedule the time and type of cleaning you prefer. Limit your liability, reduce your risk, and expand your peace of mind by hiring a cleaning company instead trying to hire a maid. We make sure your clean is covered.

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