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The Maids House Cleaning Services - Tucson Arizona Maid Service

The Maids in Greater Tucson, Arizona

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  • Green Valley
  • Saddlebrooke
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  • Vail
  • Corona de Tucson

One-Time Cleaning Services

Your busy lifestyle can make it hard to balance work, family, and other responsibilities, so why not lighten your load with a one-time cleaning? If your housekeeping routine is derailing your life, let The Maids in Greater Tucson spare you some time by deep cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Spring Fall Cleaning Service

Seasonal cleaning projects mean deep cleaning and catching up on all those little chores we tend to put off, so they can often take up entire weekends. The Maids in Greater Tucson can tackle spring and fall cleanups or any other annual cleaning projects so you can reclaim your weekends.

Same Day Cleaning Services

When you find out unexpected guests are on the way and your home is a mess, we understand the stress. Cleaning emergencies are bound to happen, and that's why we're ready to leap into action to get things clean again. Contact The Maids in Greater Tucson to see if same day cleaning is available in your neighborhood.

Moving Cleaning Services

When you're packed up and ready to hit the road, why not skip the final cleanup and let us take care of the dirt and grime? The Maids in Greater Tucson can get your old home fresh and clean from top to bottom so you can stay on schedule or even get your renter’s security deposit back.

Special Cleaning Services

There are so many cleaning chores around your home that rarely make it onto your regular cleaning list. That's why we offer so many special cleaning options. Call The Maids in Greater Tucson to learn more about unique cleaning services like window washing, carpet maintenance, and more.

Recurring Cleaning Services

When life gets too busy or you’re physically unable to keep up with the housekeeping, it may be time to invest in a scheduled residential cleaning service. The Maids in Greater Tucson offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly recurring cleaning services with flexible and affordable options for your specific cleaning needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about routine cleaning maintenance. And yet, keeping your business facility clean is a must for employees and customers. When you invest in our business cleaning services, The Maids in Greater Tucson will take care of the dirty work so you can take care of business.

Holiday House Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning, decorating, and marathon cooking sessions are holiday traditions that can take up an entire holiday season. We can't help you decorate or cook up a delicious holiday meal, but The Maids in Greater Tucson can beautifully clean your home so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Part of what makes apartment and condo living so attractive is the built-in services like maintenance and landscaping. But what about maid service? Take apartment living to a whole new level of convenience and let The Maids in Greater Tucson get your home clean week after week!

Move-In Cleaning Services

Moving to a new place? Unfortunately, not everyone makes their home presentable after leaving, and the last thing you want to do is clean up someone else’s mess on moving day. Let The Maids in Greater Tucson dust, scrub, and mop to get your new home move-in ready before you arrive so you can settle in more quickly.

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House Cleaning Services in Tucson, AZ

When’s the last time you went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens or the Pima Air & Space Museum for a family outing? If it’s been a while since you’ve had enough free time to get out and enjoy Tucson, we get it. Between work, housekeeping and all of your other responsibilities, it’s tough to find time for fun activities and entertainment. That's why The Maids® thinks you should understand what our maid service in Tucson can do to help and let you take a break. Call us today at 520-795-7977 and request a quote. Then start making plans to enjoy your weekend.

There’s so much to do around Tucson that it’s not fair to spend your weekends cleaning. Imagine a day at Reid Park Zoo or a night out for dinner and a comedy show at the Gaslight Theatre. You can take a picnic lunch, get some exercise hiking the trails and take in the beauty of the desert landscape. Or maybe a few rounds of golf is what you’ve been dreaming about.  Whether it’s a day of fun and relaxation or a long-overdue date night, The Maids® is ready to help out with our house cleaning services.

The Maids® of Tucson Referred for a Reason®

Whether they’ve enjoyed our moving cleaning services or our fall cleaning services, there are plenty of reasons why 96% of our customers would refer The Maids®. For some of our satisfied customers, it could be the welcome extras like loading the dishwasher or making the beds that impressed them. For others, it’s probably how fresh and healthy their home felt after we finish cleaning. But we think almost all of our customers would agree that the best thing about The Maids® is our healthy approach to cleaning.

Our exclusive  22-Step Cleaning Process focuses on not just cleaning, but also on making your home a healthier place to live. This healthy focus is why we use commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration that can remove most of the allergens and other contaminants. Our unique approach is also why we disinfect light switches, door handles and other commonly touched areas that harbor germs. We simply have an attention to detail that most other cleaning services in Tucson simply can’t match.

As if our healthy approach to cleaning weren’t enough to make us one of the most popular cleaning services, we also have the advantage of partnering with one of the most trusted names in cleaning, Mr. Clean®. House cleaning in Tucson has never been as thorough and healthy as it is with the combined cleaning power of The Maids® and Mr. Clean®. It’s like getting two of the best names in the business in one service. Why would you even consider any other cleaning company in Tucson!

Tucson Cleaning Service Near Me

If you want to see what a difference The Maids® and Mr. Clean® can make in your home, just give us a chance. All across the Greater Tucson area from Green Valley to Saddlebrooke, we guarantee you’re going to love what we can do for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your home clean is easier than you think.

We are glad to provide a reminder call the day prior to your scheduled cleaning to give you the estimated time of arrival. this time could vary, most likely within the hour that we give you. If the time should vary on the day of the cleaning, we will call you to alert you of any delays. This reminder call is a courtesy call. It is not a call that is to be used to cancel or change your cleaning.

When we schedule your cleanings, we guarantee that we will be at your home that day(s). If you need (1) to change the date, (2) to skip your scheduled cleaning or (3) to request a special arrival time, please call the office at least 48 hours (2 full business days) prior to the cleaning. This gives us time to reschedule you and fill your reserved time with another cleaning.
For changes with less than 48-hour notice we charge $75.00 to cover the labor cost of our employees. Emergencies do occur. We will do our best to provide you with a clean home at your convenience or to schedule another cleaning in your reserved time.

We value your privacy. If a door is closed in your home, it gives the signal to the team that the space contained within is not to be cleaned, and the team will not enter without your express permission. If you normally close doors out of habit or to keep pets contained, please let us know so we can note on your
instructions that these spaces need to be cleaned.

You can pay for cleaning with check, cash, or major credit cards. Please leave check or cash for the supervisor. To use cards, please call us at the office - 795-7977. For initial/one-time cleans, if payment is not made at the end of the cleaning, we will process the credit/debit card you gave at time of booking. For recurring service, if you have not made arrangements for payment while the team is there and you need to leave the home before they are finished, please arrange payment with the supervisor or office. If they finish, they may wait for your return and you would be liable for this time.

Most customers provide us with a key to their home - which we keep secure. If you would like to arrange this, please contact the office. Otherwise, if we arrive and are unable to access your home for cleaning (key is missing, the key that was left doesn't work, the alarm is still on...) we charge $75.00 to cover the labor cost of our employees. Our goal is to guarantee your cleaning at your scheduled time, and we will work with you regarding secured access to your home.

If you need to schedule a Special Project (such as cleaning inside of a refrigerator), please call the office. We can allocate the time for the team and give you an estimate for the work.Certain projects are beyond our capabilities due to safety and liability. Some of these things include vertical blinds, high shelving/ledges, ceiling fans higher than 12 feet, and moving heavy furniture.

  • Vertical blinds tend to be extremely fragile and parts are really expensive; therefore, the most we will clean with vertical blinds is the valance going across the top.
  • Due to safety concerns and insurance restrictions, our teams are not allowed to climb higher than their buckets or their two-step ladder will reach. For this reason, they do not wipe the high
    shelving/ledges, the space above kitchen cabinets, or ceiling fans.
  • Our vacuum extensions get us up to about 12 feet, and the high ledges will be vacuumed, but only the first couple of inches will be accessible. Same thing applies to ceiling fans. The teams are trained to use the vacuum and its attachments to clean ceiling fans and vents.
  • Moving furniture presents a couple of liability issues. There is potential for damage to the item, the flooring, and to the team member themselves. For that reason, the teams are not allowed to move heavy furniture. Some items, like chairs (i.e.: dining chairs), are easily moved with one hand. This is acceptable and expected of all of our team members.
  • As long as the furniture has a few inches of gap under it, the vacuum is built in such a way that allows the vacuumer to maneuver the tool almost flat to the ground and move it
    under beds, tables, chairs, etc.
  • We do NOT wash walls. Baseboards, window sills, door frames/ledges, switch plates and outlets
    are all a normal part of the routine. We want to clean the areas that people touch most often. This doesn’t include the walls, though. Washing walls is very costly and time consuming. There is a liability risk when washing walls due to paint removal.

Monday through Friday we answer the telephone 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. If all lines are busy, please leave a message. We will arrive after 8:45 AM. We try to finish our day by 5:00 PM. Beyond this, your cleaning times on your regular day may vary. So, if you need to know our scheduled arrival time, please call us after 8:30 AM on the day of your cleaning.

If we did not clean something to your satisfaction, please call us within 24 hours of your cleaning. We will be glad to return as soon as possible to re-clean that area free of charge. Our guarantee is part of our commitment to customers. We welcome feedback to increase customer satisfaction.

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Are you looking for a fun team environment with room for advancement? The Maids may be the career choice for you! Search a variety of open house cleaning jobs or administrative positions in your area, such as maid, field or sales manager, or team leader.

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