Closet organization tips and healthy living advice have a lot in common, as do their wonderful benefits. Don’t let your closet weigh you down!

First, get naked. Not you. Your closet.

Whether you are overhauling your diet or your closet, the process is the same: eliminate what is getting in the way of your health and happiness. This is why the best closet cleaning tips start with a blank slate. This does two things:

  1. It irreversibly gets you started.
  2. It forces you to assess everything you are putting back.

This is an important step, and it will take space and a lot of time. Make sure to block off both.

Check out what you are working with.

Now that it’s empty, appreciate how much storage and value your closet has given you. (This works for body images, too). Before you even think about putting anything back, assess the space.

  1. What assets does your closet have?
  2. Does it feature lots of hanging space? Do you use it?
  3. Is there potential for side shelves or boxed storage above or below? Would that be helpful?
  4. Could you add anything now, while it’s empty, that would improve how you use the space?

This step is about setting yourself up for success. It’s no different than enlisting a friend, hiring a personal trainer, or committing to race for a cause. If you have it in your budget, treat yourself to a set of matching hangers (the slim kind, to minimize bulk) and matching storage boxes or baskets.

Embrace where you are today.

Once your closet is playing upon its strengths, it’s time to address the dresses. And the shirts. And the pants, skirts, shoes, scarves, etc. You may have an overwhelming pile on the floor of clothes you didn’t even know you had. You may feel awful at the waste, yet selfish not want to throw anything away. That’s okay. Feel out those emotions and then let them go, along with the jeans that are three sizes too small and the shoes that kill your feet.

That being said, the next closet organization tip addresses each article of clothing with thoughtful consideration and kindness. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does it make me happy when I wear it?
  • Does it fit like it should?
  • Can I remember the last time I wore it?
  • Could someone else get better use out of it?
  • Is it damaged or in need of tailoring?

This step is about assessing where and how you are now, not where and how you were or could be. Let go of the sizes and styles of years past; you aren’t that person anymore. Let go of the expectations of tomorrow; you aren’t there yet. Find your happiness now, and style your life accordingly.

Okay, pep talk over, now it’s time to do the heavy lifting. Working in garbage bags or piles, segment the following:

  • A donate or sell pile: You can break this into two piles if you’re planning to do a bit of both. Remember that clothes you give away will be worth so much more to the people who will actually wear them.
  • A trash pile:For torn, unfixable items and things like underwear. Reuse what you can for rags.
  • A fix pile:For items that need to be dry cleaned, hemmed, or otherwise repaired.
  • Your kept items will go right back into the closet, so that you can compare duplicate or similar items and continue to pare down from there.

In this step, it’s sometimes easier to address the outliers first; start by hanging up your favorites and tossing the pieces that stress you out. Repeat your goal as often as needed: Organize. Make room. Find what you need. Breathe.

Keep up the good work!

Once your closet is lean and clean, keep it in shape by being mindful of what you put into it. Again, closet organization tips are a lot like health ones, keep making good choices, and life is a lot easier to manage! The goal of these closet cleaning tips isn’t to help you cram as much as you can into a little space. Sometimes one of the best ways to organize a closet is to only fill it with clothing you actually wear and adore.

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