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April 15, 2020

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When we seek to employ new team members at our company, there are several factors taken into consideration. Working for The Maids isn’t just a job; it’s a family. As such, we’re interested in pursuing applicants who will add to our culture of productivity and positivity. 

Think you need to be a housekeeping expert in order to work for us? Think again! Our hands-on career training is designed to prepare team members to perform excellently. Being a natural neat freak helps, but when it comes to cleaning methods and standards, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. 

While technique can be taught, character traits cannot. That’s why we’re looking for individuals who share our values. Below are our potential employees’ three must-have qualities. 


We provide our clients with outstanding service they can count on. Dependability and timeliness are crucial. The Maids is nationally recognized, and each and every clean helps to support our exceptional, trustworthy reputation. 


Our expectations for professionalism includes the ability to respectfully communicate with team members, supervisors, and clients alike. Our Maids family works in teams in order to provide clients with an efficient clean. As such, the ability to collaborate in a friendly environment is of utmost importance.  


In the workplace, the importance of a can-do attitude cannot be overemphasized. Our fun and friendly company culture relies on each of our team members to continue to contribute their own enthusiasm.  When positive attitudes combine, The Maids teams can turn muddled messes into perfectly clean successes (and have fun doing it)! 

Learn more about our current open positions, the application process, and our superb benefits here. 

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